Monday, December 05, 2011

-colon-apostrophe-open bracket-

Life is like a wheel… no matter who you are. Sometimes you are up, and sometimes you are down. Sometimes you’ll be doing great and sometimes you’ll mess up. But remember, you are always beautiful. All the great people do have their downward moments too.

I’ve never been so messed up. I’ve never been liabilities to anybody. So far, I could proudly say that I’ve been a good daughter and kind of nice sister to have. I give my sit to the needy. I never had relationship turn enemy with any of my friends. Guest enough with bragging about how sweet I am.LOL!! I’m just justifying that I’m kind of an average living soul.

Now, I’m a liability to myself. My sub-conscious can’t feel and my conscious can’t think. That was the worst one could ever be, I’ve supposed. I kind of lost with all the madness evolved around me. Some was purposely and some was beyond me. 

I couldn’t even talk to Him. :’(  

I guess this is where the light goes dim and I’m sliding from whatever I’ve hold on for. If sinking was all I needed to rise, and then sink I shall.

All the nice girl things above have one exception. There is someone who had years, tolerantly copes with my not so proud attitude… and still coping, he is.

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