Friday, December 30, 2011

dec 30th, 2011

Someone made me cry when he recalled back one accident where I cried in front of a stranger because of some mistake done by someone else.

 I’ve listen to Avril’s new single over and over again because I could relate to it so damn much… damn, damn, damn… 

I hate when I have to deal with unmarried man. 

 Met someone… made me thinking is it me or is it not me? Am I suck or it’s suck that I’m in. maybe, one fine day… right now, the truth maybe too much for my shoulder… 

There are others who have a tougher life than I am… indeed! 

I hate capitalist! 

This spot I’m in now, won’t leave me. I have to pick up whatever I have left behind; get up because Houston won’t come to me either.

and waiting for SMS which not even written… yet! 

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