Friday, December 23, 2011

di antara Awie dan Bob Lokman…

For those who do not know who is Awie or Bob Lokman, please ask my prince charming. And please ask him what happened between the two as well.

We are busy digging and beautifying our own grave we didn’t realize we took others’ shit as well with us. But not to Bob Lokman.

The two of them used to sail in the same boat. Until Bob decide to sail a in much better boat. And being a ‘ur s*** is my  s***’ person, he told Awie that his boat is definitely better. Being ‘my s*** is my damn fishing s***’ person, Awie got so pissed off. And the rest is history. 

Awie is a great example how we were raised. Advices often misinterpret as busy body. We were told not to meddle in others business especially when religious is concern. Why? Because the matter of concern is so damn sensitive. I personally think we need a lot more people like Bob, who not afraid of expressing his mind, with whatever history he has.

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