Thursday, December 08, 2011


They said lightning won’t strike a place twice… they might be wrong.

They said money won’t make you happy… it surely does!

If you let iPhone define where you stand in the crowd, you definitely need to open your eyes a little bit more.

Thanks to capitalism, rain is not as fun as yesteryear's.

The richer are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer are not just a saying.

Worry won’t take you anywhere but it does left some line on your face.

The best things ever happen in my life are when He answered when I called and He gave when I asked.

Men who need more than enough sign are literally not worth a headache.

I believe that life is long and I’ll see you again when I’ll see you again.

I believe it’s impossible to keep your feet on the ground when you reach for the skies…

I have less than 100 hours to satisfy few hungry hearts, to hold whatever balance of esteem I still have and to actually make wise the weekends I’ve spend at school.

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