Monday, January 30, 2012

the family

Met few of my relatives during last CNY holidays. As always, the same question pops up. Nur said Kak Linda have one very nice candidate for me. Ask for my number and so on. My ‘bakal bapak mentua tak jadi’ just smile when he saw me. I love him as much as I love my dad. His wife which is our dearest Mak Long said ‘betul ke nak nie? Kalau betul, kite orang bole lobi betul-betul..’. Abang Sham said ‘cari sendiri lagi baik…’

And he said ‘cakap je dah ade..’

Oca on the other hand said ‘Jom la pergi Segamat Mak Ngah..’ Yes my dear, I miss you so damn much too. 

And me, I ate 2 plate of white rice with our Ayah Teh asam pedas… it was so delicious, just like my mum asam pedas. 

Those people I dearly love and those good foods really makes my day…

Sunday, January 29, 2012

the proposal

have you ever wonder the mysterious of life? I've always.

two packs of chocolate, and my life are written

it's written to be wonderful... InsyaAllah!

Friday, January 27, 2012

It’s here…

This is the time where I’m suppose to pack my things and run… look back and run faster. And give myself those usual peep talks. And wishing I was someplace else and for the time to pass. 

And I’m here… with my luggage, standing still, because I’m wearing my favourite heels… won't ever run in it… LOL! thinking should I run to Houston? Or shouldn’t I run at all, for whatever future will bring. 

… because this could be my midnight train. For whatever sake it is!

and he said.....

"what happened to happily ever after?"

today is Friday, tomorrow is 28th Jan and the day after tomorrow is future.

the weather is nice and I like this feeling, something she described as "flying high and higher...." and no little chicken!!! the skies aren't falling down yet... 

and I said "it's Friday..."

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

my so called pre-engagement party…

Suddenly the title makes me felt daja vu… LOL! Browsing my email for something and found this. So LMAFO! 

Nancy is our ex manager… but we do keep in touch. Once in a while she would call the office for new update/gossip. And she would be so disappointed if we said ‘No good news to share la Nancy…’ 

Last Ramadhan, the office plan to hold a buka puasa. Then, I came with a kind of brilliant idea. Instead of inviting her for the buka puasa, I asked our Kak Rokiah to tell her it was my engagement party. She did not believe me unless I send her a picture of my soon to be fiancé. Shoot her the above email with a picture of me with my classmate. Then, she agreed to join us. We just laughed at it and I doubt she believe me. Until she called one of my colleagues and asked her what should she buy for my engagement or should she just give me angpow. And the rest is history. 

‘cause sometimes I'm just crazy…

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Orang cakap, berangan tu tak payah bayar…

Back then, I was so called worked for Barney’s New York. Then, a friend PM me “eh, masih di New York ke?” and I was like “what did I do?” thus, I had to explain to her the why and apologized. 

Now, I was so called working for Tiffany & Co. And last afternoon, I was so called feeding the duck at Central Park… and it happened again. A friend comment “NY?” and PM me “kerja kt Tiffany & Co ke”. And a was like “did I did it again?” I could ignore the comment but the message? 

The thing is I have no reason to deceive my friends. It was something I hope people read and said “koya sungguh budak nie” or “berangan tak ingat”. And I don’t wish for them to believe everything they read there. The last thing I want to be is a liar because I’m not. 

And again, I’ve learnt about assuming few days earlier the hard way. 

My profile on FB wasn’t meant to hurt anybody, especially me. I’m not trying to impress anyone or trying to live a fake like. I’m just a girl who wants to have a little extra fun by upgrading my virtual ME to a level where I could not possibly be in real life. 

And to those who felt I lied or deceiving them in any way, I’m so sorry. Like people said “berangan tu tak payah bayar…” and I'm suck at free thing. Don’t we? LOL! And haven’t you heard this “don’t believe everything you read on the internet’?

Friday, January 13, 2012

the duchess turns 30…

In style… married a prince, travel the world, become a fashion icon, do more charity work. All checked! 

Here is my little secret; I had a plan… just in case if ever I’ve bumped into that William and he ask me out. LOL!!!!!! 

When I was in high school, I kind of think that I won’t like be in the late 20s and I’ll be thrilled to enter what they called 3series world. Little me is damn right. I just can’t wait to be 15 again. It’s like I was on the ‘on your mark, get set & GO!!!’ again! 

And this not so duchess, will probably meet a duke… LOL! 

picture from;
She is gorgeous!! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

let’s play Cupid

Erm, I have few friends from my high school who is single. Also, few girlfriends I’ve met along the way whose is single. And they are in the looking for you know who. 

Me, being myself felt like something should be done. LOL! Now, I’m unlicensed and inexperienced Cupid. Ha-ha! 

Will it works? It’s not my job. If it’s written up there, InsyaAllah.

Friday, January 06, 2012

between Tiffany and Me, there is a never end road…

I’ve received the tentative timetable for my June exam yesterday. Felt like calling my mum and cried. The timetable was so mean because I don’t even have a single week (other than public holiday which falls on weekend) from now until June where I can balik kampung without missing any classes. 

I can kiss goodbye to lazy Sundays, free and easy ride to the place where I call home and happy hour all day long with my girls. 

Guess my boss was right. I need a GGMUSS. Someone if not two… LOL! But, doubt one could last with the crazy-mess!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

05 jan 2011, thursday

Today, this very today will be going to be a history for me. Due to something which happened early in the morning. It’s something like when Victoria Beckham smiling to the paparazzi. Or when George Clooney announces he is going to marry his whoever girlfriend. 

I forgot something which shouldn’t be forgotten. Soon realizing it, I felt like starting the day over again... how I wish I could. It was something bizarre and I couldn’t believe I’ve missed it. 

LOL! Note to myself; it’s something to do with the 9k budget…

a promise

Back then, I’ve made a promise… there is someone who asked me to remind him… if ever he forgets, or if he messed up or if he crossed the line… and I’ve promised him I will… 

He did… 

 And I did not. 

Part of me knows he needs me… to tell him the promised he made that I’ve promised to remind him about… part of me know I was the reason he forget… I’ve messed up but he messed up so badly... part of me glad that he did what he did…

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

why I 'less-than-sign 3' blogging

…because I can write something like this; Someone in Western Ghats knows me… LOL!!! 

Another story; I was admired by a boy over my hand technique… it made my day! 

 They said, smallest gesture can bring smile to one face. Indeed!

it’s fall…

There’s no mulberry leaves, only that yellow little flower scattered around the walkway… it made me felt like falling with it…. 

I kind of know a guy recently. Nothing happen yet… it may and it may not. The problem is he fits the bill. LOL! Basically, I fall for the idea that he may be the one… as always! Right now, I realize why my previous I-think-he-is-the-one relationship didn’t last long. With that idea, thought and feeling; my heart become restless, it beat faster. My mind constantly thinking about the possibilities; ‘what if’. And I can’t stop smiling or grinning… macam kerang busuk… ouch!! And the worst is I had chest pain, I don’t know where it comes. And I felt like telling the whole about my new found treasure. The easiest way was always to put an end to it. Game over! 

This time? I’ll see how frequent I’ve turned into kerang busuk… LOL!