Monday, January 30, 2012

the family

Met few of my relatives during last CNY holidays. As always, the same question pops up. Nur said Kak Linda have one very nice candidate for me. Ask for my number and so on. My ‘bakal bapak mentua tak jadi’ just smile when he saw me. I love him as much as I love my dad. His wife which is our dearest Mak Long said ‘betul ke nak nie? Kalau betul, kite orang bole lobi betul-betul..’. Abang Sham said ‘cari sendiri lagi baik…’

And he said ‘cakap je dah ade..’

Oca on the other hand said ‘Jom la pergi Segamat Mak Ngah..’ Yes my dear, I miss you so damn much too. 

And me, I ate 2 plate of white rice with our Ayah Teh asam pedas… it was so delicious, just like my mum asam pedas. 

Those people I dearly love and those good foods really makes my day…

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