Wednesday, January 04, 2012

it’s fall…

There’s no mulberry leaves, only that yellow little flower scattered around the walkway… it made me felt like falling with it…. 

I kind of know a guy recently. Nothing happen yet… it may and it may not. The problem is he fits the bill. LOL! Basically, I fall for the idea that he may be the one… as always! Right now, I realize why my previous I-think-he-is-the-one relationship didn’t last long. With that idea, thought and feeling; my heart become restless, it beat faster. My mind constantly thinking about the possibilities; ‘what if’. And I can’t stop smiling or grinning… macam kerang busuk… ouch!! And the worst is I had chest pain, I don’t know where it comes. And I felt like telling the whole about my new found treasure. The easiest way was always to put an end to it. Game over! 

This time? I’ll see how frequent I’ve turned into kerang busuk… LOL!

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