Wednesday, January 18, 2012

my so called pre-engagement party…

Suddenly the title makes me felt daja vu… LOL! Browsing my email for something and found this. So LMAFO! 

Nancy is our ex manager… but we do keep in touch. Once in a while she would call the office for new update/gossip. And she would be so disappointed if we said ‘No good news to share la Nancy…’ 

Last Ramadhan, the office plan to hold a buka puasa. Then, I came with a kind of brilliant idea. Instead of inviting her for the buka puasa, I asked our Kak Rokiah to tell her it was my engagement party. She did not believe me unless I send her a picture of my soon to be fiancé. Shoot her the above email with a picture of me with my classmate. Then, she agreed to join us. We just laughed at it and I doubt she believe me. Until she called one of my colleagues and asked her what should she buy for my engagement or should she just give me angpow. And the rest is history. 

‘cause sometimes I'm just crazy…

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