Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Miss Chocolate Sniffer

Hye, my name is Sid and I’m a chocolate sniffer. 

I run to chocolate more than anything else in my life… but of course it was after Him and my feeling towards my mum. I run to chocolate when I’m sad, happy, felt on my knees, fall in love and everything. Chocolate is always there… 

Every time I went to shop for groceries, you can found me at the chocolate section. Admiring those chocolate and sniffing through the fancy wrapping paper and those gold or silver foil. The feeling; no words could do justice to describe those moments. It brings me to that place called here. I don’t care if everyone is looking but most of the time, I just fail to notice. 

On the second thought, just add “and heels” at the end of the chocolate… LOL! Chocolate and heels are things Mr.Darcy, whether he like it or not, have to tolerate with.

-Miss Chocolate Sniffer-

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