Wednesday, February 22, 2012

just a smile...

And he said “I like when u smile…” such remark makes me smile even more. But, little did he know that I purposely un-smile when he looks at me…. Especially when I know he knew something that I knew (it’s about works…) or when I owe him something (also about works).  Or when there are too many things on the table… (It’s about works too…) LOL!

Then, he passed by me again… me; pretending reading something on my lappy but smiling… and he said “u know I’m looking at u don’t u?” and I smile even more… and laugh. Then he said “thank you, it really makes my day… bla, bla, bla… At this age, I don’t need much… sometimes just a smile…”

Not always, but I did make his day… 

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