Thursday, March 15, 2012

about yesterday...

My Wednesday supposed to be simple... indulging the red velvet-ans I’ve been craving since Monday. It should be the highlight of the day... period.

But, it turns into wordless Wednesday... not because it was dull but because I don’t have word to describe it. 

I took the wrong exit though I knew I should take the other. Driving when the traffic light was still red caused I thought I saw it was green.  Gave the land office very un-professional comment during the meeting... my bad caused i’m not well prepared for the meeting. Caused the other driver to reserve and change to the other toll lane caused I thought I saw “tunai & T & Go” but it was for T & Go only. Gave my lecturer a blur face expression when he asked question relates to the lecture he just gave last Saturday. Totally have no idea of what he was talking about. Sorry Sir! 

Then, my red velvet-ans! Having it stored in the office refrigerator because somebody purposely or not purposely ruined my most awaited Wednesday. DAMN! 

It's Thursday... It’s almost noon and I haven’t touched any of the cup-pies, afraid of any chances that may kill the thought I have for it.