Monday, March 05, 2012

my can’t-help-it-rudeness

Hye, my name is Sid, and if ever you saw me someplace and smile to me but I didn’t smile back or whatever, it’s because I didn’t really notice you even if my body language suggest that I am but I’m not. 

I got lots of complain… since long time ago. I’m not trying to avoid you or I hate you or anything… it just I don’t know how to describe it. Maybe science can tell, but I don’t know how to ask Mr.Google about it. 

It may take the other person more than a smile or grin for me to actually realize they are there and trying to “hye” me. 

It bother me back then but now I just gave them my bestest smile and explain my can’t-help-it-rudeness and hope they understand. Some may find it hard to digest but after few “can’t-help-it-rudeness” events, they believe it I guess because a sweet girl like me won’t purposely act in such way right? 

But, it would be a different story if the other person is Mr.Clooney….

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