Sunday, April 22, 2012

a drive by...

This day; today; these very moments...

I’ve pictured of the outcomes in so many ways... of how I want things to turn out to be... of how should I react to every consequences... I’ve been prepared for anything.... but if things turn out worst, it could not be that bad caused I had the worst day ever. Just like what I’ve always told someone every time she’s scouting for a chalet or hotel. You already had the worst chalet ever back when we were somewhere, someplace... so, chill!

Just a little reminder for yours truly; if He so want you to have it... you’ll have it. Period.

And Mr.Darcy; As always, I’m deeply sorry.

I’ve submitted myself to Him... with open heart and tears for He knows what He knew. For I still have Him no matter how the day going to treat me. This journey today may be the longest and the hardest but it’s something I’ve to take, for there may be a rainbow at the end of the road.