Friday, June 08, 2012

flat tyre 2.0

I can at least pretend to be strong, independent, hard headed... I can pretend that I couldn’t care less... but I can’t, just can’t change a flat tyre... saw my brother done it before... thus, I believe I can’t in million years change a flat tyre.

And that morning, one of the tyres caused me to imagine doing something which I won’t do. “Walking back to my place from where I’m at, leaving the flat tyre... walking thousands step, crying... rain or shine caused I can’t change a flat tyre because I’m too selfish to ask for help”. I just hate the feeling of causing others to sweat because of me. Yes! I’m damn good at having all those nonsense thought. That something Mr.Darcy would 1000% agree with.

In the end the help does come. Because there are some who knew that behind the hard headed, cheerful girl is a helpless girl who not just can’t change a flat tyre but can’t even tell if she was driving with a flat tyre.