Sunday, June 17, 2012

muffin for tomorrow...

This is an entry for tomorrow…. When the kids are taking their afternoon nap, when Mr.Darcy is watching his current favourite series… and while I’m waiting for the muffin to smell like a delicious muffin.  

Tomorrow and the day after it were supposed to be an exam day. Which I will surely attended. Did I Mr.Darcy? I was supposed to do some revision or refreshment on the syllabus. But, I yawn every time I open the book. Today had been a great day. Eating, shopping and more foods. What’s not to love right? But it was not a good weeks and months. If I put everything together, I’ll may losing it but He keeps me together.

I haven’t run since Mr.Darcy… doesn’t remember how the feeling is when the run is over. I have so many reasons to run again… I want to run but Mr.Darcy said he won’t run after me if I ever run. Sometimes I wonder if he really meant what he said. Maybe I should just run until I forgot what and why I’m running.  

I guess the muffin is ready now!  

June 17th, 1017 pm