Thursday, July 19, 2012

cash flow statement

Yesterday, it took me one whole day to get my cash flow statement right. Make me feel like hugging someone so tight cause I’m so damn happy!  

Cash flow statement is one part of the whole reporting segment which least like by the auditor.  

It was done when all the figure in the report is final. No more adjustment whatsoever. Should be easy because all you have to do is just plucking the figure and put it in the template.  

The rules were also simple; everything that involves cash in and out. But also non-monetary item need to be add or deduct accordingly.  Add in or minus out some figure and you should get the balance as of cash you have at the date of the reporting. 

But, to get to that final figure could give you headache. It was so ‘i-swear-i-want-to-resign-after-finishing-this-assignment’.  

You have to pluck the RIGHT figure and put it into the RIGHT group. Should be easy if your lecturer did not skip the topic because it was not in the final exam. There are so many trick that you have never learn in school. You’ll pick up those tricks along the way. Given your firm did not provide you with the computer-aid software.  

But, the feeling when your statement finally makes sense is the greatest. It was priceless. All the ‘only-auditor-knew-feeling-depression-de-motivation-along the process’ were nothing to compare with.