Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the fire extinguisher and my ‘not so long’-long-leg.

My dear friends would know about my leg... my Alicia-bitch-long-leg... that, if suddenly there’s a kick on their leg/s, they would know it was me. My damn can’t stay put leg. It really can’t stay still even when I’m in business meeting. It happened because I’m used to repositioning my legs after some times between five to ten minutes... so, accident could occurred right? 

I did it again yesterday... but not to some leg but to a fire extinguisher... damn fire extinguisher. In the client’s office. I kick the fire extinguisher down in the client office. How awkward could that be? The office was in still moments, no phone ringing, no door bell, no cleaner doing the cleaning things and suddenly BOMB! The guy across my table stared at me and also the girl on the 2 o’clock. I just stand up, walked and bend down to put the fire extinguisher back to it place and said sorry loud enough for the guy to hear me. The rest is history.  

Why they have to put that thing near my feet or why they let me sit near that thing?  

One thing for sure, there will be some legs which going to be accidently kick but let us hope none would need an ambulance ride.