Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I made a request from Mr.Darcy on one particular thing. I’ve asked him if ever I made a mistake or I messed up, please don’t ever raise his voice or yell or be really mad at me. No matter how messed up or how big and silly the mistake will be.  

Just now, someone raised his voices to someone in front of me. I felt like going home right away. 

I’m scared and terrified if someone yelling or getting so angry over something or someone.
I told him I don’t want to be afraid of him because it will take all the love away... I hope he won’t be someone I love but terrified to. I pray that I won’t do anything that will turn him into someone I don’t want to.  

I just can’t take it any more... to be constantly guessing will the day passed without me being scared and terrified and everything.