Tuesday, September 04, 2012

my name is Sid and I have a spare tyre…

I’ve been flat tummy all along… no spare tyre to worry no matter how amount of foods I consumed… pretty loads!

I’ve gain few kilos recently which nobody notice caused my legs are freaking long I’m so tall and slim. The one people would notice is my cheek… I guess the cheek is the only part that got affected by those few kilos but my guess is wrong. I didn’t know until someone said I have a tummy. Damn!!!!!!

Now and then I would pinch my tummy just in case it was due to something else (what can it be other than extra fat dear?) so it would be gone but it’s still there.  I hate it that I can feel the extra whatever especially when I’m sitting. 

Freaking needs to go back to those days when I have no tummy to worry about.