Friday, September 28, 2012

Wedding preparation 1.1

I’m getting married. It is partly confirmed.

More people getting involved, excited and worried about the wedding. I don’t know why. LOL!

Me? There are so many things under the sun, under the carpet and under the pine tree stuck in my head.

Inside, I know that there is no certainty about tomorrow. Not expecting bad thing but I’ve seen life. The day will surely come given He permits it. 

Of all the madness, I realised one thing which will make sense of anything would or would not happen. Buy as many heels as I can. I mean a lot. Without Mr.Darcy know about it. 

Cause when the sun setting on the very Day, at least I have lots of heels to talk about and if destiny is on my side, Mr.Darcy could have the pleasure of casting the number of heels that I have.