Tuesday, October 09, 2012

house of heels.

Sent him email of the built in cabinet I found on fb with a hint that I want to have the same on the room he so given me. Yes, he gave me a room inside his our house to put all my whatever.

He replied my email.  And he commented about the floor which ended with a :) 

When he called this morning, he told me something which I’ve been thinking too. What to tell his mother about the cabinet or cupboard (if Mr Darcy so built or bought one for me or so me myself built or bought for myself). She sure freak out on 1)the number of heels I have; 2)the number of heels I never wear; 3)the cabinet or cupboard or the room itself.

The fact that she lives 5 minutes away from us doubled the worry.  

I could tell her that the cabinet or the room was wedding gifts from her lovely son but the heels? It was absurd.