Friday, November 16, 2012

about heels.

Sexy heels can give me an adrenaline rush. A woman would look pretty with sexy heels. I can’t help it but to stare at those legs with sexy heels. So, sorry girls if I’m staring at your legs… it’s nothing, just the heels.

I’m not naïve to pretend not knowing what heels can do to your body. The facts are lies in front of me and still I’m running with the heels.

But, I’m on my way to be somebody’s mother. If He so permits. I’ve already told myself to choose the milk over the heels. But a child?

I’m having this pep-talk with myself. It’s a cliché argument between the heart and the brain about heels. Of letting go the obsession and be reasonable that heels is a shoe. It shouldn’t be a hobby and not freaking out every time seeing one.

First, I need to determine how many is reasonable. Most of my friends only have one or two shoes. Which I’m yet to reason with.

One for the office, one for the everyday, one for special occasion, one for groceries day… bla…bla…bla…

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