Thursday, November 29, 2012

about i love u.

Once in a blue moon, I feel the need of telling him how much I love him. Most of the time, I just took my phone and text him. It just that the once in a blue moon is not really a once in a blue moon, more like every day is a blue moon day. It did occur to me what was his reaction reading such. If once in blue moon, it maybe will made him smile but once in my blue moon? Bored? A frown? Seriously, I don’t need to know. That is why on some other time, I hold back myself. Keeping the feeling inside me but it sent chill to you know where. Nowadays, every time I had the urge to tell him how deep my love to him is, I say thanks to Him. For I’m thankful that He is blessing me with such a wonderful treasure.

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