Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Football and F1 has been forgotten long ago. Since I left home for uni and works. Miss watching the games and the hot guys in the pit stop with the headset and short pants fast car.

He loves both. So, could resume the long lost loves again once we were you know… share almost everything together. *wink*

Just two little issue. He is Camp Nuo and I’m always for Bernabéu. I’ll be forever an Azzuri and he is proud of the La Roja. And I know I’ll be damn sad if my side lost to his side because he would tease me until I cried, at least!

And baby, Raul is always the greatest football player for the Spaniards, at least. And he is the same height as you.

And maybe, I’ll get our boys to join my camp. Sure they will because I’m the mother.