Monday, November 05, 2012

mr.Darcy, Me & the TV

We were having discussion of what need to be bought for the house. It was to decide between need and want. And boy, we were really living in a different planet.

I said we need a cooker hob, a fridge and washing machine. It was justifiable I guest.

His definition of need is totally making me out of breath. A wide screen LED TV; 51 inch to be exact together with the cable TV, an internet connection and a place where he can lie to watch his super big TV; a comfy sofa or a mattress with or without the bed frame.

I was stunned. So I asked him he is actually want to get married or watching TV? But, I won’t win this argument. So I surrender to the TV. Because he refused to choose between me or the TV. He wants both. Damn I’m so lucky!