Tuesday, November 06, 2012

wedding preparation 1.3

So I asked him. Of anything else he wants me to learn to cook.

And he said sardine. Of all, why it has to be sardine? Maybe because his mother cook a very yummy sambal sardin. 

Sardine; 1)I don’t have a can opener 2)I don’t know how to use one 3)I don't know how to cook sardine. 

But thanks to the tech, now you can open the can without the can opener because on top of the can, there’s a round thing that you can pull to open the can. It was invented maybe to help girls like me or girls like me exist because of that round thing.

My mum rarely cook sardine as dishes. So, I have no idea how to. Usually I will call my mum and problem solved. But sardine? No freaking ways! My ego stands between the sardine and the phone.

So I told him I’ll cook the sardine tomorrow because I need to google something. Then he asked me. Are you going to cook sambal sardin or sardin goreng? Damn! Why can’t there be one and only way to cook that canned fish? Why?