Thursday, December 06, 2012

to b continued....

Days before the curtain fall, before my life change. I refuse to look at the calendar at all. I don’t want to know what day is today. And of all, my body reacts first. Foods are tasteless, blurry eyes; my sensitive skin getting over sensitive and my mind are constantly drifted away with nonsense. 

I’ve always told myself that I’ve been to the deepest, but now I’m afraid of tomorrow. Because deep in the heart, I want tomorrow to be beautiful. It needed to be that way.

Things said and done; He is still the greatest planner. For whatever it is, He will be there for me and for the rest of us. It is a promise.

Till then.

p/s; to u if u read this and knew this message is for u; wish a wonderful new chapter to u too. U deserve to be happy and may the Greatest Force bless u. InsyaAllah.

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