Thursday, January 29, 2009


I’ve been receiving emails from unknown senders which offered ‘pendapatan lumayan’ and all those sort of emails. At first I can just deleted and ignored them. But, it’s getting annoying by days. Arrggh… the other day, it pop up in my corporate mail’s inbox… it really got to my nerve. Feel like I should reply the e-mail but no use I guest. Lol… apart from emails, I’ve also been receiving lots of nonsense SMS. I’m sorry but some of the SMS are very annoying. Maybe you’ve been received one too. I understand that it’s one way of advertising products and services. Bla… bla… bla… It just that 99% of the SMS are either scam/spam. It’s business. Who would easily offer RM50 K reward if they don’t get 150% or more in return? NOBODY… I should call my service provider to find out if there are ways to block these SMS.


Yes... It’s Peter Pan song. It’s not really my favorite song but its music to my heart. Maybe because of the lyrics or the music. It becomes my blog’s title because I like pronouncing it… MIMPI YANG SEMPURNA. Plus, who didn’t want MIMPI YANG SEMPURNA

Mungkinkah bila kubertanya
Pada bintang-bintang
Aku kan menghilang dalam pekat malam
Lepas kumelayang
Biarlah kubertanya pada bintang-bintang
Tentang arti kita
Dalam mimpi yang sempurna

I read a lot… and almost anything my tongue can read. From Sidney Sheldon to Little Black Dress’ novels. From Readers’ Digest to Cosmopolitan. Among my favorites are true stories, motivational and the laugh section. I read newspaper for the cartoon section. Lol…

And I love writing as much as I love reading. But, most of my writing materials are W.I.P. maybe because none was good enough to be published… that’s my thought. Lol…

Blogging have long become my dream. To share my opinion and thought. Also, to express myself… whatever it’s, I’m here sharing my MIMPI YANG SEMPURNA.