Friday, August 21, 2009

entry sebelum ramadhan...

This is the month where we the saying like 'when less is more' really are practical... So, selamat menjalani ibadah berpuasa n etc…

‘Salam Ramadhan”

best friends forever...

I’m losing the ‘I’m your best friend forever’ bit by bit. I don’t choose to be one. Ain’t doing anything when sees it came. I thought it will be better but it’s not.

Last three years, my dad had accidentally reunited with his friend from the past. Ever since that day, they did what best friends did. Judging by that I’m sure that they are really good friends back then. The reunion was a bless for them. I can see the happiness, the joy and the other side of my father which I haven’t seen. My dad as a damn good friend. Lol… Sadly, his friend died just a year after the reunion.

Just now I overheard a conversation between my boss and his best friends. They talked about their days in Singapore. A good old childhood days. I’m amazed by their friendship. I’m counting for that.

I have a friend who I thought is a bit offended by what I haven’t done. I wasn’t there most of the time. It’s partly my fault but it’s never my intention. There are times which I acted like I don’t care but I’m not. I wish she knew it. I’m now the ‘bad-good friend’. But we don’t make friends overnight. So, losing it over some arguments or misunderstanding is never worth it. We’ll see what will happen next but I’ll make sure that one fine day we will such conversation.

'Blessful' Malaysia

Malaysia is a ‘bless’ country. Thanks to the gay partners, to those who stand fighting for ‘it’s up to them if they want to drink’, to those who tried so hard to ruin the credibility of the Syariah Court, to those who spending so much money buying ‘worst than cheap’ tv programmes, to those who should but did nothing against immoral local artists… etc… etc… etc…

We were ‘blessed’ and will be continued ‘blessed’ unless we stop acting against His words. When the said alcohol is prohibited, it’s. So, it’s not up to them to drink if they want.

Scientists may have explanation for whatever things happen n this world. The global warming, the uncertain weather changes, cancers, HIV and the latest H1N1 pandemics. Like it or not, it might be a message from Him. To tell us that there is so many wrongdoings around.

Didn’t the ‘you know who’ know about all the sickness around him? Didn’t his ‘I’m your slaves’ master’ updates him? Or didn’t they watch the tv? Or maybe what are wrong years ago is not really wrong now? Come on, didn’t you learnt or at least heard about yesteryears history? Master, your ignorance is driving us to hell…

Monday, August 17, 2009

Not so GREAT statistic…

In 60’s and 70’s – You don’t fall in love but you got married and live well forever.
In 80’s – You fall in love once, got married and live well ever after.
In 90’s – you fall in love once or twice, got married and live well.
In 2000 – you fall in love 3-4 times and you probably won’t get married. Duh!!

I’ve heard this in a Chinese movie. It’s funny then but I can relate to it. Just look around us, you will see the truth behind it. I know a lots of single out there who still there with a hope that the day will finally come.

So, what went wrong there? It’s us. We doubt that true love is exist, we set an unreasonable standard, we afraid that it won’t last forever, we believe that we are better off alone and we thought that love is not material.

Too many great things…

Ask a boy what is the greatest thing in his life? He would probably say the day he actually drove his dad’s car. Ask a married man, he would probably say the day he wed his lover. A father would say the day his child was born. Or on a later years, the day his child can ride a bicycle.

Recently, there was a suicide case in my apartment. Luckily not from my apartment block. I’m not sure who but all I know is the person is a student. I’m not sure what the reason was but is it really worth it? If someone’s had told that poor lad that there are too many great things to let go, things would probably be different.

There are times when worlds made us given up or letting go. When we felt we had put in so much and that is it. When we finally decided that whatever will be, will be… It’s man’s nature. It’s the point where the future seems not promising. But we didn’t stop there. Because if we did, we would miss the - Too many great things…

Friday, August 14, 2009

My tornado is resting…

I stand up on the chair, shouted “aarrghhhh” the loudest possible. Then sit back on my chair and continue my work. My other colleague went speechless…

I shouted “excuse YOU” at the immaterial stranger who did nothing when I said “excuse me!”

Hello, I’m your neighbour… it won’t cos you a penny if you just smile back when I sincerely smile to you.

“How many time should I told you, I like a combination of curry and dhal…”

“You can be a nuisance, headache or ignorance, but I’ll never gonna stop loving you”

Don’t hate me cos I’m beautiful…

best thing ever...

This is the best thing happen to us when we were trapped in one hour jammed at the Batu Caves roundabout... Lol... when we first saw the car, we know one thing for sure... Lol... But, one fact about the drive really drives us mad... Really mad. That the car next to us was so puzzled. How can we be happy trapped in the damned situation...

p/s: we are looking for u.. :)


......i'm broke.........

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Comparison of Gen X & Y to Gen Z

I was in a train to my office when few girls in school uniform came on board. Looking at them made me remembered of myself when I was at their age. In that 10 minutes journey, I came out with the following comparison:

They spend more time on their face compared to me way back before.
They talk more about boys
They have more ex-bf than I do in my entire life
Their handphone are definitely more expensive than mine.
Their school’s bag is an accessory
By the time they reach 30s, they will have to wear eyebrow, lol...

I was blessed I guest.

I’m single but…

What is the assumption for a guy who is not too bad looking, have a good career and almost perfect to have actually married but still single? One assumption that mostly pops up first is ‘is he gay’? Given the same situation, but the subject is a SHE. The same assumption is rare. We seldom assume a girl is lesbian if she is single. Unless she is a ‘pengkid’. I guest I spell it right. People might say ‘there is something wrong with her’.

So, it’s quite hard for most girls to admit she is single. People won’t take any answer as it is. If they say they don’t have a boyfriend, people will assume that the girl is too choosy or whatsoever. Sometimes, being single is like committing a crime. Lol… If they say they are not ready for a commitment, people will assume the girl is feminist.

Girls will not admit she is single is she is not. Any girl who said she is single is signaling a hint. Got it?

There’s one Qwill it freak a guy if a girl said she is single and never have a bf?

Love birds…

Have you seen any? They are everywhere. I saw so many of them that sometimes I felt like thrown up. In the train, shopping complex and car park. What’s wrong with all these people? I mean the students with uniform, girls with tudung and our teenagers. They are just like a rotten fruit. It’s sickness.

They may call it love. But it is most definitely a lust.

What they do in portraying their love is immoral and wrong. But we are a race who always tolerates everything in our life. I said that because we saw it but we did nothing. So, the wrong-doing becomes common in our community. It’s terrifying. I cursed myself evertytime I saw the-lust driven-love birds. It is because I can’t bring myself to do something about it.

I think we should have a syllabus in school on love. We should teach them the do and don’t in a relationship between boy and girl. There is module on sex I guest. And soon there will be subject for 1Malaysia. Lol… The you-know –who should know better what the priority are.

Now I know why there’s many singletini out there…

Friday, August 07, 2009

Looking for a part time?

Job descriptions:-
1.monitor farm activities
2.killing pests
3.Water the plants
4.monitor neighborhood ranch – make sure the chickens have enough water supply
5.Need to visit the farm at least twice daily, including weekend.

Interested applicants need to fulfill minimum qualification.

Wages is negotiable

Interested? Tell us why you are the most suitable person in the comment section, we’ll reach you soon.

Due to cost-efficient program, only successful candidate will be contacted.

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