Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Before saying yes to YES

These are the time where girls will take EL or call in sick to enjoy shopping in peace. Or to stay up till midnight just to splurge. Some might have no monthly budget because sure they will override it. It’s the time that going to places with big discount sign is not a good idea doesn’t matter how determine you are to not to be possessed by the % sign. LOL! Unless if you went there alone without cash and the evil plastic money… It sucks but works…

Consider these:-
- The items might end up in the closet
- You might wonder why you bought things you bought
- The prices after the cut down are usually not that cheap. If it’s, the items
usually are out dated or not in a good quality

Some might say that shopping is another form of therapy. Instead of paying the therapist, they paid the clothes, shoes or handbag to console them. It’s uncertain if you could be healed but sure you got lots of new stuff. It’s a win-win situation there. I said that shopping is an investment. LOL!

If you can’t really say no to YES, avoiding the shopping complex is really can help unless if you really have the extra extra money to splurge.

Enjoy YES!!! Go shop till you drop or don’t!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Better something…

A better car, a better house, a better job, a better look, a better wallet and a better whatever..

Someone somewhere is being dumped over these better something things… in fact, I have friends who being dumped or dumped their partner based on these better something.

We might say ‘I found someone better. But, really? Or we just found someone with better something?

Is it better is really better? Is it really worth it to let go yesterdays’ best for today’s better? Or life is about getting something better and better…

Have a better something everyone!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Know your spices...

Ketumbar, jintan manis, jintan putih, bunga cengkih, kayu manis, bunga lawang, buah keras…I’m sure I know the later because it looks like one of my favourite nut, macadamia nuts. LOL!

I used to help my late uncle packing all these stuff. He would sell these spices and some other things in his stall in pasar borong Selayang. He would give me some upah which he hardly resists for me to keep. I’m always in the position of being a nice girl. Haha… I enjoy helping him out and I’d do it for love.

My mum never asks me to buy all these spices. I went to boarding school since I’m 16 and my house become second to the hostel/college/rental apartment ever since then, so I hardly in the kitchen when my mum is cooking. None of these spices is needed when I’m cooking my style of survival meals. People are just damn good in reasoning right?

I'm someone’s niece who used to know most of the spices but now I determine to know all the spices well. I don’t want to be someone’s mother or someone’s wife who doesn’t know spices.

For this coming raya haji, I would assign myself as an active in my mum’s kitchen.

“Bukan senang nak jadi ……. “ Susah ke nak jadi lelaki?

Lelaki tak perlu pakai make-up, lelaki tak perlu bawa handbag, lelaki tak perlu emo bila datang ……, lelaki tak perlu mengidam handbag Burberry, lelaki tak perlu merajuk dengan kawan-kawan, lelaki tak perlu cemburukan Chopard Umie Aida, tak perlu shave bulu kaki.. LOL!, tak perlu pening kepala nk pilih age defying products, lelaki tak perlu tunggu orang masuk meminang, lelaki tak perlu ada alas an nak tengok bola, tak perlu nak pandai memasak… dan….

Tapi, saya bertuah sebab saya bukan lelaki… sebab lelaki tak perlukan sepatu merah.

Friday, November 13, 2009

thing about HEART called LOVE

Jika benar cinta itu buta, buta kah mataku…

Love is blind. Those are the easiest way to explain the madness, dumbness, carelessness and other blind reaction towards thing called LOVE. It’s the justification for all the blindness for the sake of LOVE. Maybe that is the reason why we FALL in LOVE.

Literally, LOVE does close your eyes. You won’t see the bad, the weaknesses and even the imperfection. You would only see what you want to. Which are the sweetness, the kindness and all the good qualities that made you FALL. The subject that you fall in LOVE to is flawless and perfect. Or did LOVE close it eyes on things you don’t want to see?

Once the love GONE, you would notice things that you don’t before. Things that you fail to recognise because we were blinded by thing called LOVE.

Is LOVE really blind? Or when it comes to thing called LOVE, we have to excuse the HEART. Excuse the HEART for it purposely done wrong or deliberately being fool. Excuse the HEART for all damages shall it done when LOVE is actually not LOVE.

They say that the thing about LOVE and HEART is untellable. It’s something that what is logic to the brain is irrelevant, most of the time. The line between what is wrong and right is almost not there.

Just like the madness of some MU fanatic… For bad or good, they stick to their craziness. It’s personal sometimes. That is something that some others can’t justify.

If LOVE isn’t so blind, we would RISE in LOVE.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


What do you like about raining? I like wishing upon it…

They said if you make a doa when it’s raining, it’s most likely that your doa will be granted. It’s one of the bestest time to make one.

Someone who was once material to me told me to say it LOUD. He said ‘awak doalah kuat-kuat…’ He wasn’t joking then. What he means is if you want your prayer is granted, say it loud and clear. Loud in the sense that you want it badly and really meant it.

This raining season makes me eager and can’t wait to see Him. To let Him know my wish and what I want. With Him, I can say things I can’t to others. The I wish things surely can put my heart and my mind at ease.

He certainly heard our doa. It just the granting what we have been wishing for is uncertain. The key is always sincerity and persistence. One find day you will be smiling for what is granted and what is not. Because no one knows better.


It just like any other day for us but the closure will haunted us for quite sometimes. The biggest nightmare proves to be a real nightmare. Our rented apartment been ransacked. We lost 3 laptops, SLR, a digital camera and few other things. The estimated total lost is RM14,000.

I knew how it feels when you lost something. But I’m not going to describe my housemates’ nightmare of losing things their lost. I wouldn’t want to under or over estimates their feeling.

Thanks to the kind Kak Dayang for going through the awful night with us. She’s been very helpful. We should cook for her something I guest.:) Also thanks to Corporal Zulfahmy, Inspector Ikhwan and Detective Roslan from Lembah Pantai’s Police Department. We really appreciate the tips and comments. Lol!

We never thought that our unit will be the chosen one. On the second thought, who will?

Now, the whole things really make us more careful. We have been upgrading our security aspect as suggested. We got paranoid sometimes. For any sound from outside, the door bell and even the strong wind that push the wooden door.

But, we are grateful that nobody was hurt during the incident. We were thankful that none of us were home that time. That the thief did not come back that night. We were thankful that we still have what we have. We were appreciative that we still have each other after that. Most of all, the thief did not steal our faith and strengths. We were hurt but we still can smile.

This experience will haunt us for quite sometimes I’m sure. I couldn’t stop imagine how they ransacked our unit. Did they sit on our sofa? What was on their mind then? For all I know, the house will never be the same again. It has been contaminated by few heartless people.

People said that things happen for a reason. That it takes rain to have that beautiful rainbow. For that rainbow, we acknowledge the painful.