Tuesday, December 29, 2009

things He hide...

Sesungguhnya Allah S.W.T telah menyembunyikan enam perkara iaitu :

* Allah S.W.T telah menyembunyikan redha-Nya dalam taat.
* Allah S.W.T telah menyembunyikan murka-Nya di dalam maksiat.
* Allah S.W.T telah menyembunyikan nama-Nya yang Maha Agung di dalam Al- Quran.
* Allah S.W.T telah menyembunyikan Lailatul Qadar di dalam bulan Ramadhan.
* Allah S.W.T telah menyembunyikan solat yang paling utama di dalam solat
(yang lima waktu).
* Allah S.W.T telah menyembunyikan (tarikh terjadinya) hari kiamat di
dalam semua hari.

they say sharing is caring.. indeed!

Monday, December 28, 2009

lesson learnt..

I’m hungry, tired, can’t drink too much, should not fall asleep and I’m sure the next 12 hours would be a lot lot longer than it was….

Blame it to the fact that I’m a girl who matter of fact, a girl should have more than one handbag. Blame it to the long weekend that my schedule goes haywire. Blame it to the Alexander The Great which kept we until 2 in the morning. Blame it to the keys that I forgot to take with me this morning. Blame myself for voluntarily staying back alone to finish the never end works.

Before anyone says it I would have to admit that I’m a SELFISH. I’m emotionally selfish. I couldn’t bring myself to call my brother and told him that I need his help. Or for not being able to just ask my housemates to pick me up. Or to just text my dearest office mate that I want to go home but I can’t because the damn keys that I left at home. I know for sure that she will take the train if she has to because I would do the same for her. My brother sure would make some noise but he would never say no to me. As for my housemates, I know you guys love me.. LOL! Or at least they would send WEX or D to pick me up… sure I know it would be in my dreams only… I know my boss and the other girls would be membebel to me tomorrow after they found out why I’m stranded here. But, I’m literally EMOTIONALLY SELFISH. For the trouble I may caused others, for the what-they-will-say that I have in my thought and for the guilty feeling that will haunt for at least a week or two.

I do believe that things happen for a reason. I’m afraid that I was actually being punished for my actions. For He might be mad at me. I know that I’m to be blame. It just that I’m not accepting this whole-heartedly.

It would be a lot better if there’s someone came, solve my problem and took me home.

Above everything that happen and did not, there lots of lesson learnt.. the hard way I guest.

aku hensem!!

Do you still remember that handsome boy? Be it from your uni or high school. He might sit next to you or both of you were in the same group discussion. He might be the most handsome boy in the class or one of any. He was the boy that girls can’t take their eyes off. That the other boys would also admit that he is. Most girls would die if he smiled or even talked to them because he won’t usually.

We were talking about this kind of boy last night. What kind of person they are now. Still like the handsome boy we knew or they finally realise that look doesn’t always matter. But some boys will always be boys. We know few…

“Aku hensem, aku hensem, aku hensem… kalau tak cantik jagan tegur aku… aku hensem…” Literally, this one thing we couldn't argue. It is statement written in their forehead. It’s funny but most girls felt that way.

Footnote: thanks Roni for that statement… lol!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Opps... Awkward…

Our boss likes to talk… about everything. I like listen to him because he will use words I never heard before. Plus, he is a man who experience a lots and lot we can gain from him. Until yesterday….

Boss: bla… bla… bla… bla…. Nanti cari husband cam saye nie.. tak cerewet. Sume pn makan…

I do what I can do best, giggling…

Boss: Ha, nape u senyum2 cam tu?

I told him “nak cari yang cerewet pun susah, ini kan nak cari yang x cerewet… “

He was like “what” and I felt so awkward… luckily I decided that no need to elaborate more cause it will getting more awkward.

But I was damn right… wasn’t I?

People always said “kalau nak cari bf, cari la yang kerja bagus, yang tau buat duit, yang cantik, yang baik, yang ……..”

But, we always said “ yang takde duit sgt ke, yang keje biasa je, yang tak brape nak lelaki, yang tak brape nak cantik pn susah nak dapat, how should we get yang people always said???

bf = damn awkward using this word…. LOL!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

before full stop .

What would it be if you put a stop when you shouldn’t?

It would just be like an unfinished song… unfinished foods, unfinished clothes, unfinished hair, unfinished work….. It’s not nice, ugly and left hanging.

I’m about to put one to but

It’s tiring and hopeless when dealing with someone who is impossible, doesn’t care a thing, refuse kindness or doesn’t appreciate the loves and hates of others.

I wish I could

‘I would do anything for love…..’

Hypothesis gone wrong…

Engineering students – we never thought we are the coolest... but aren’t we?

IT students – we are not nerd, most of the time…

Medic students – it’s not always about blood and blood…

Law students – don’t purely believe what you watched on TV… it’s commercial

Art students – don’t try to understand us cos we either can…

Accounting students – we are not stingy. It just that we set the materiality level lots higher than others. Every cents is a $$$

Surveying students – we did not make surveys or count how tall is the buildings…

Architect students – we might be at the hill but…

Culinary students – we still need someone to cook for us…

Mass Com students – what?

Physiology students – we do have domestic issues…

*The author claims no responsiblity for any inaccuracy of opinion*

Less two lonely people in Zombieland…

If you ever watched the preview of the Zombieland, please don’t be fooled by its stupidity, lack of senses, madness and whatever that you have in mind. Yes, the movie seems not worth watching but it’s not. I never have intention to watch this movie. For it was so dumb.

But it was so worth watching. It touches my laughing stratum and my heart. It has everything in it. Horror, comedy, Bill Murray, action, lots of guns, big wheel, romance and Twinkie.

Other than the zombies, there are only 4 actors in it. A big guy with a soft heart, 2 manipulative sisters and the hero: not a typical Hollywood hero. He’s the ordinary chap who has no life other than his warcraft and his list of rules and of course his yearning to pull his dream girl’s hair back to her ear.

Always remember the rules: rule #32: enjoy the little things…

Tweet... tweets...

If I’m tweeting, this would be my status…

Gosh, I read on the newspaper that there’s someone who put himself above everything said this: I have tweeter and Facebook account where it being updated daily. So add me and I’m glad to receive any suggestion from my …. Basically he thinks that he is so damn material. I was like what the ....

For everything that he has, will and did not I wish him luck… not here but there…

fatine o fatine...

this is my letter to the editor of NST concerning the fatine issue.. not sure if it going to be published cos u know why... but, i've spoken my view... :)

I couldn’t agree with dissatisfaction and disgust of Sofia Lim Siu Ching and Joshua Lopez (“Overstayers” – NST 7 Dec 09). Fatine Bahari or action is really a disgrace to Muslim community and Malaysia. As a Muslim, we are not only live by Man-made Laws but ultimately, the laws set by The One. One great thing about Islam is we co-exist collectively. We did not stand on our own. We are in the position to advice or admonish others who are acting beyond their rights. There is a clear definition of what is right or wrong in Islam. Thousand justifications could never cause wrong action became right. Mohamad is Islam and he is eligible to an advice and punishment for his wrong-doing. I do not understand why others can simply said something which beyond their knowledge. Maybe both of you should first understand the whole issue before commenting and condemning others action. One could understand Immigration director general, Datuk Abdul Rahamn’s disappointment if they looking at this issue from the right perspective.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

red blooded woman..

i actually did not quite know the definition of red blooded woman. But one thing for sure is I'm one of it.. because my blood is definitely red.. LOL!

I'm curious why man can't have enough of woman such as Nicole Scherzinger, Beyonce, Rozita Chek Wan, Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Alba and etc.. etc.. etc..

I thing i can understand the why but why it's so hard to put a full stop there...


But, it what makes a man 'a man'... LOL!

before 5 years plAn...

I used to have a plan of when to achieve certain things in life. The so called 5 years plan, 10 years plan and so on. I used to certain that I will achieve most of it when the time materialized. With determination, efforts, discipline and Allah’s will, it sure will. I’m too used to lump everything inside my brain. Everything under the sun. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. I forgot when I pick up this habit but it taking a toll on me. I live my life with expectation, hopes and anxiety. Until the day that I learn that life is full with surprises. Like it should, there are always the unplanned things. The once so certain becomes less certain.

In the end, I just thrown everything I have plan for myself. For it not a disappointment or giving up on life but the fact that nothing is certain in this life scared me. Felt like I can’t dream anymore. I just live myself like tomorrow is 1000 years to come. Living the moments because yesterdays’ made me scared of days to come. It’s not the life I want to because I have nothing to push me ahead.
Finally I realized that no matter how hard I want things to turn out my way or no matter how bad I want certain things, there’s one thing I can’t hide from. His will.

It took sometimes for me to reason the why but I’m thankful I’m now. Now, I’m putting my life on His hand. I hand to Him my ‘everything under the sun’. It’s not that I’m not taking any responsibility towards my life. It just that I’m reasoning with the saying of everything that we have is not actually ours. So I told myself that until He said so, the sun will always be there and the moon will occasionally lighten the dark night. For things that I want the most, I ask from Him harder. For all I know that He always listen and he would never give more than the shoulders can carry

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

before backdoor...

File corrupted, anti-virus, backdoor, firewall, vault, Trojan, malware, internet protocol, document recovered, non-responding document, low disk space……. And whole lots of whatever term they call it.

Could you imagine if you have to work without a PC? I can’t… I can’t… I can’t…

I’ve experienced working without electricity for half a day. There’s really nothing can be done. I’ve worked with disable PC. I felt the PC is better off inside the Sungai Klang than in front of me. Now, my PC is infected and corrupted with viruses. And I felt the same. LOL!

Why we become so dependent on it? You might not notice it but try a day without it.

How was the time before PC? Or before all the tech that made the world smaller, faster and closer? I miss writing letter to my grandma and friends. I miss the time when handphone is only for business man.

If only I could do my work without PC. Who can? Nasi lemak seller? Nanny? Stewardess? Pemetik buah strawberry? Nurse? House wife? Duhh, but, hi-tech house wife sounds sexier. LOL!

Monday, December 07, 2009

i hate myself..

I hate myself when I'm reckless to others
I hate myself when there's so many rubbish in my heart
I hate myself when there's unnecessary situation
I hate myself when I hate others...

I hate myself for loving you....

why there is such thing call Monday Blues?????

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

and they say...

They say life is a long journey but it seems we never have enough time.

They say money can’t buy happiness but poverty either can.

They say let it go, it will comes back if it yours. But does it?

They say love is like playing a piano. You learn the rules but play by your heart.

They say don’t read beauty magazine because it only make you feel ugly.

They say don’t be reckless to other people heart but does it really matter?

They say love don’t come easy. I bet they are right…

They say when the time is right; you’ll meet the right person. So, what before it?

They say money is never enough, once again they are right.

They say a smile can brighten up a day, did they mean it?

They say you don’t have to taste the doughnut to know it’s sweet...