Monday, May 31, 2010


I’ve got a missed call from the above number… called back but couldn’t get through…

The number seems coming from bank or insurance companies… Those are numbers which I would never pick up unless it keeps calling… saying NO to these people is hard… lol!

So, try my luck with Google… guest what? Haha, there’s forum for this number… lol! It’s not too much if I said I entrust my life to Google…

The said the calls are from AIA… offering free insurance… got our no form MyEG, Mastercard and Telekom… some of the caller would said they are calling from Telekom and MyEG on behalf of AIA … asking to verify some info and asking for MaybankCard No. As from the forum thread, luckily nobody was scammed yet…

Some tried to get info from TELEKOM but they said unable to divulge customer's details. Lame!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top three games that shouldn’t be made into movie…

This is as per JJ and Rudy of

Third; Street Fighter… too late, made already! For me, It ruined all the best-ness of the whole characters…

Second; Winning Eleven… lol!

THE winner is; FARMVILLE… I couldn’t agree more!
here's a picture to share.. my farm.. hehe...

picture perfect 3.0

-substance over form style-


The power of love… Puasa…

Brothers and Sisters,

Do you agree if I say that we are a much better person during Ramadhan?

That for me is the power of Puasa… we prohibit ourselves from doing things we usually do, and we are motivate to perform such thing we long haven’t done…

One of the reasons is that we knew that satan is lock-up somewhere they can’t reach our soul. Thus, we can conclude this; if we able to not letting the satan into our heart and soul, we could be as good as that ourselves during Ramadhan.

That’s long known but….

So, I feel like I want to puasa for about a month from NOW. I want to puasa from George Clooney, those flirtatious high heels I happened to meet everywhere I went, gossiping, talking about my future husband, Jose Mourinho, and everything else which usually will make the satan go ‘hoo-ray’.

I happened to allow myself from doing things I know I shouldn’t. Like the other day, I’m strolling on FB. Found out some stories about a friend. The moment I came home, I just burst the stories to my roommate. Earlier, I told myself that I’m not going to be a kepohchi. But, I can’t resist the temptation.

What worries me is that my friends would think that I have issues… I usually talk a lotsssssss…. it will signal that I have something on my mind… 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

picture perfect 2.0

picture of thousand words... I miss the moment when....

Kapas Island; picture courtesy to someone from Facebook...

life is suck.. so we thought!


VVV HOT chick... ME on Sunday Morning!

The title is a bit over.. just to get you reading it... lol! 
How's Sunday? Here's mine..

I dragged myself to the office on Sunday morning… at 10 a.m. My mum said, kerja?? I’m not that rajin…

I’m blogging on Sunday from the office… I don’t usually!

I’m supposed to get the office ready for some IT maintenance guys to come in… to do their things…

We only have one table fan… I have to give it up to them… we didn’t have our own air-cond except for the centralize one… which is OFF DUTY on Sunday. I felt VVV HOT now…

I’m just a replacement… just to open the door and wait for them to finish whatever they did. So, it’s like ducks talking to a chick… the best I can do is making calls to translate whatever they told me to someone who might understand… kueksss!!!!!

IT people: Shida, kueks, kueek, kuuueeekssss?
Me         : Erm, cluck cluck??!!

They are silent now… working with their laptop maybe… lol!!!

Estimated time to buzz off? Unknown…

Being polite, I served them with drinks… plain water... haha…

Now, I’m just waiting for those ducks to kueks me again…. 

Have a great Sunday peeps!!! 

Friday, May 21, 2010


My heart dub… dab… dub… dab…

Ah, falling in love… it’s hard to describe, but I felt twinge somewhere in my heart…

One of the clients called up regarding his Company. We never spoke before… and I’ve just melted by his voice… suddenly I felt like talking to my Body is Wonderland; asking me for a dinner instead of asking me stuff about his company lol…

Its 4.00 p.m. on Friday… I suppose to count down for the day to end but suddenly I felt so bersemagat to do my works…

Je deteste!

- end of story -

love letter... from accountant

I will CREDIT you my love,
If you will DEBIT me your love,

I'll record our romance in a JOURNAL,
And POST it to the LEDGER of my heart,

I'll keep an ACCOUNT of our love,

This way you know the BALANCE c/f,
And the AMOUNT of love I have for you,

Our courtship is carried out on WORKSHEET,
ADJUSTING ENTRIES are necessary, to make our
love steady,

TRIAL BALANCE shows, we are meant of each
Because the TOTAL of our love, Is one and the

CLOSING ENTRIES are made, When down the
aisle we take,
PROFIT & LOSS statement, tells what has

Let's see our BALANCE SHEET,
Oh, my goodness! It shows a dozen kids!!!!!

I've tried Google the source of this love letter, couldn't found it.. 
to whoever wrote this.. I'm CREDITING my love...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bubur Nasi & Ayam Goreng Brokoli (untuk 2 orang)

- Beras
- 2 biji kentang (dihiris nipis)
- ¼ biji lobak merah (dipotong dadu)

Ayam Goreng Brokoli
- 1 bahagian dada ayam (dipotong kecil)
- Brokoli
- 2 biji tomato (potong ikut kesesuaian)

Cara Memasak:
- Basuh beras sehingga bersih.
- Masukkan hirisan kentang dan lobak merah ke dalam beras.
- Masukkan juga sedikit perasa masakan Knorr Pasti Sedap untuk rasa yang lebih enak. Boleh  juga menambah garam jika perlu.
- Tunggu sehingga beras, kentang dan lobak masak.

- Ayam yang telah dipotong hendaklah diperap bersama serbuk kunyit selama 15 minit.
- Untuk mengekalkan kesegaran brokoli, rendam ia di dalam air panas selama 10 minit.
- Kemudian, goreng ayam sehingga masak.
- Kecilkan api dan buang sisa minyak dari kuali dan masukkan hirisan tomato dan brokoli.
- Padamkan api selepas campuran sebati.

Ok, my instructions are a bit out there… but, it’s really simple. I’ve took 20 minutes to finish the two dishes. (I’m a bit slow in the kitchen compared to others)

The bubur: it look simple but yummy… and healthy.

Monday, May 17, 2010

via Facebook for iPhone... [via tong aiskrim motor yb uncle raju]

I've told you guys right how much I heart walking along my 5th Avenue... just now, I've read some funny comments thread...

It started quite normal... then, got this brilliant chap ended his comment with this; [maga sent via Nokia 3310]

then; [Via astro decoder]

[via mesin uli karipap]

[via mesin jahit tepi cik nab]

[via pensil 2B calon SPM 2005]

[maga sent via henpon dokter klinik pnawar]

[via bekas minuman ribena mobile]

[via kaberator TS ex5 koko]

[via tiang gol belah kanan stadium Paroi]

[via mangkuk asam pedas depan balai Larkin]

[via remote helikopter mainan bawah katil]

[via gunting oren tapi nak potong kertas tak lut.. apa punya gunting!]

[via lori no 24 Peniaga yong tau foo dataran]

[via pembaris 1 meter cikgu karim]


u've got 1 message!

A guy PM-ed me in FB…

Have no idea who is he... No mutual friends what-so-ever…

Checked him out… political view: UMNO… very straight…kind of my cup of coffee…

- fin -

Racist tak? Damn!

Politics is DAMN more sensitive compare to favourite EPL club.

I just don’t heart Malaysian politics…. and those who heart ‘em….

ada ape dengan 20 June?

which 20 June? haha... Have you checked when you were born? try this Islamic Finder's site.

Tarikh lahir? 27 Syaaban ….

Possibility to get such answer is 0.000000%

It’s nothing for most… but who is at fault if our children only knew Ramadhan and Syawal?

Blame it to the Registration Bodies, blame it to the education system… Just blame it to the government… Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya…


But, it’s partly their fault… for failing to recognize how important such things… we are Malays first… then a Muslim… but Western by heart… the fact that we couldn’t really spell out the Islamic months in order never bother us. The fact that we are far from a good Muslim never bother us too. Thus, we never bother to try to become a better Muslim.

I would like to suggest this: To acknowledge the birth of a new Muslim according to Hijri Calendar. So, the Muharram-Zulhijjah aren’t just some alien words to our children.

Then, we will not too obsess by those daily horoscope and such.

And then, the newspaper would just discard those rubbish daily horoscope section.

And then, I wouldn’t have believed when they say " you are going to meet  your special someone at the end of the day…" Damn! I don’t wear my lucky heels.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

According to Rebecca Bloomwood

According to Becky, you deserve a little treat if you:
  • Have a bad hair day
  • Screw up in the office
  • Sad
  • Achieved something in your career
  • Someone’s tickle your heart… badly.
Lol… ok, it’s not exactly what she said…  just that, those are things she would do when things happened.

A new lip balm, load of chocolates, nice coffee, a nice body lotion, a pair of heels and such… Not all for personal use; some could be given away as birthday present. Sometimes, paying for those little things could ease a broken heart

"When will he freak out if you told him you are serious? When they are damn-seriously-playful…"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

hard to please...

I didn’t really have place to go… Shida, why don’t you teman I...

I look at him and…

"Do you know how many homeless men in KL alone? Have you ever seen them slept under the bridge? You have houses… you can go back to any of it… it’s your house… you wives and children. You CAN choose either one of your comfy houses. Was it so hard then? Not just that, just now you complain about no one taking care of you… bull whatever… I saw your clothes… it was iron nicely… and you told us nobody care bout you… what do you want exactly? And did you know what she is doing right now? Waiting for her husband to come home…."

..I smiled and said ‘I’m leaving…’

Men… are indeed hard to be pleased!

Is there any nice girl around?

I know that question might pop up in most guy head. It’s just like when we were asking ‘is there any nice boy left?’

YES! to answer both.

My friends are indeed a nice girl. Seriously nice. Any man would be lucky to have them as a wife. It’s not I’m trying to jack up or anything. But, they are really nice people. Nice to themselves, nice to others and I’m sure would be a nice wife and mother. They might not a perfect home-maker because it’s something that yet to happen. Yes, they might not as pretty as Lisa Surihani but they are better off than Nur Kasih. But, would you trade a seriously nice girl to somewhat my-beauty-is-not-forever??

We might dream for someone like Luke Brandon. But, what we really need is someone who could be a decently nice husband. Others are variable and always negotiable.

Monday, May 10, 2010

the making of... God of Gambling

KUALA LUMPUR (May 6, 2010): The government is considering legalising sports betting in view of the World Cup matches in June, Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin said today.

He said the government is considering this as illegal betting causes the government to lose hundreds of millions of ringgit a year in revenue to illegal bookmakers.
"Of course, we don’t want to appear as though we encourage gambling and gaming but it will arise, in any case. They (illegal bookies) will do it. So, the question is whether it’s a good idea to leave them on their own, unregulated or if the government should try to regulate and do it in such a manner that’s controlled," he told reporters at the Parliament lobby.

"Also, we know that at the same time the government will get revenue from this (thus it) is something the government considers seriously."
He did not say how soon the decision will be made. "It cannot be done once the World Cup is over. We’ll have to wait as to when exactly," he said.
Asked if there are parties who have indicated their interest in obtaining gaming licences, Awang Adek said there were many parties but refused to provide further details.

"The government has not decided, so it’s not fair to reveal the names of the parties applying but once the government decides then everyone will know," he said.
Asked if the legalisation is specifically for the World Cup, he said: "If we decide for the World Cup, then we can’t differentiate this. It will have to be other games as well."

Earlier, in the Dewan Negara, Ng Fook Heng asked if the government intended to issue gambling licences to prevent illegal betting.
Awang Adek said the government is viewing the matter seriously as illegal betting can also create room for other illegal activities such as unlicensed money lending and money laundering.

He also said the government currently does not have a figure on the revenue received from illegal betting but added that it could be hundreds of millions of ringgit.

Awang Adek also said the revenue from gaming is used for sports development in the country. -- theSun

What – legalising sports betting in view of the World Cup matches in June 2010

Who – Government of Malaysia by it’s Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin

 - Illegal betting causes the government to lose hundreds of millions of ringgit a year in revenue to illegal bookmakerssomeone really needs an economic classes. 

 - To regulate and control gamblingwhy don’t you go regulate and control your brothers who addicted in gambling… 

 - To generate revenueand Islamic value classes too… learn about kesan rezeki yang tidak diberkati.

 - Illegal betting can also create room for other illegal activities such as unlicensed money lending and money launderingSeriously, is this how you going to settle a problem?

 - Revenue from gaming is used for sports development in the countryif you are a father, would you feed your children with such money?


p/s: I will write to him personally about this… and to those who in my opinion should speak up… 

Just to clarify:
Brothers – In Islam, we are all brothers. I have responsibilities towards you, so do you.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

budget 101... by sid

* It’s only middle of the month, but you already short of $$$
* You can’t really recall where you spent your $$$
* You short of $$$ to meet the Fixed Monthly Commitment (FMC)
* You can't even save $100 from the pay cheque

Not scary enough?

^ You only afford to pay the minimum amount as stated in the credit card statements
^ You have few credit card, most are reaching the maximum limit
^ Your simple calculation of next month income V expenditure left you only few bucks in the bank account.
^ Most of us are very lousy at managing our own $$$ and ($$$). We tend to incurred unnecessary expenses, go beyond budget and such.

Why? We never actually being teach how to do it. Neither nor we teach our self. It may look complicated but it is not. It always about $$$, budgeting, how much comes in, how much goes out, priority…

Let’s manage our $$$ right…

There’s always a rule. Ask any financial guru, wealth consultants or any person who talks $$$; there are simple rules to successfully manage your pockets…

Have a budget where you can keep track of your income (Y) and expenses. Before you said ‘it’s tedious and such, stop! Go to Microsoft's page and download free template of Family Monthly Budget to name one. Those templates are user friendly and editable. It’s FREE folks!

Dining at Kenny Rogers is not a priority. Same goes to 70% mark down items in Bonia’s store. If need to, re-justify the meaning of PRIORITY which will eventually make your pockets look good.

The best priority sample should be: Saving – FMC – Leisure

Always put aside some amount as saving. Any reasonable amount would be great for a start.

Tips: Try to save total of 5% to 10% of your net Y.

$$$ out
Again, priority. Know your expenses and group it under few different categories. So, you know what should come first. Follows are some example:
- Fixed Monthly Commitment (FMC) – Hire Purchase, Housing Loan, PTPTN, credit cards and etc. it should always come and settled first.
- PAMA – need I say more? No need right… it’s for KAP-BA-RO-KAP-TA-ALIF-NUN… sorry if I wrongly spelled it. LOL!
Monthly expenses – petrol, toll, personal care and such. Always keep in mind of what you can afford, what is needed and what is NOT.

    * Me = Monthly expenses

If you can afford to pamper yourself, why not right! Afford as if you really have extra $$$ and not by flashing those fancy and shining cards…

But, why pay if you can have it free? Free reading at Konikuniya; could hunting some more… lol! Window shopping is as great as shopping, free online games or pop corn with friends in your own living room…

Or at least, switch to a cheaper way or cut back. Buy books at discount; lots of bookstore offer good second hand book at a really good price, enjoy a good coffee at mamak stall and such.

Tips: gardening can ease your mind and swapping books with friends is fun though…

To be able to do all the above, you need to:

Reasonable: Your budgeted expenses must match to your budgeted Y. Otherwise, you really need help.

Discipline: Try to stick to you budget.
Tips: If you happen to overspend in groceries, try to cover it up from other expenses such as petrol.

Keep track of your expenses: Keep all receipts and if possible, record your daily expenses. So, it’ll be easier for you to update your budget at the end of the week.
Tips: use your hand phone to records those expenses. With tools like to-do-list or date book, it’s simple and easy.

Some advice:

Analyse; at the end of the month, do quick analysis of your expenses over income. Also, the actual result over budgeted figures. It will indicate if you are within the budget, over-spent or managed to save some. You’ll be surprise with the result and might have some idea on how you should spend then.

Coins; it wont grow if you keep them. Use them whenever need or have yourself a ‘tabung’.

Affordability; always keep in mind what you can really afford.

How I do it?

I set my daily expenses; if happen that I over-spent in any day of the month, I’ll try to cover it up from the days after. I’ll cut back my expenses.

I love good foods; what I did was, I would save as much as I could from my weekdays allowances. Thus, I managed to treat myself a good food once in a while.

I always try to keep my  Expenses <  Y. Thus, at the end of the month, I could save more… and more… and more…

here is sample of my budget;

 p/s: Roe & Chan, see baskin robbins there? haha...
($$$) refer to $$$ debts or $ owe to someone.
Y refer to income; an economic remark

Thursday, May 06, 2010

The most famous WALL…

Great Wall of China is indeed a famous wall… it just that it’s history. But, what about the most famous, most over-rated and the most in WALL as of now? 

I heart to imagine that I’m in Upper East Side, Manhattan. There’s no place like it. Walking; along the 5th Avenue, in a breezy Friday afternoon. I saw my ex-classmate enjoying his sip of coffee. My sister is having her hair done in her favourite saloon. My best friend #2 is having a bad hair day… I gave her lots of love. Oh, it’s someone’s birthday; we become friends because she need neighbour in the Farmville. I sent her a chocolate cheese cake. I check out a guy who my BFF’s said ‘both of you look sweet together…’ just to know what he is up to. Oh, she’s dating that guy… got to spread the news then... haha...that’s me being kepohchi… Meet few others, catching up a little bit…

Just by a click, you are in the most famous wall; Wall of the Facebook. You may put an update about yourself, scroll to the end of the wall just to see who is there, doing what or their whereabouts. It’s like stalking but you actually did nothing… everything done in comfort-ness…

Then, I’m out. Then in again… it will continue until there is something bigger that that…

Got this guy is adding me in his friend list. I didn’t know him; we have nothing in common except a common friend, damn! I approve him because he is quite cute… lol… he is single and recently break up I guest. We bump into each other few times… from that I know exactly that he was scouting; for you know what. He might check me in too. A bit perasan there, I know! Last time we’ve bumped, he is no longer single. I bet he met her somewhere in his 5th Avenue…

I still enjoying walking and observing my 5th Avenue on a breezy afternoon… it’s fun, crazy and informative.

It’s new age addiction… Facebook, Farmville, Mafia Wars, all those nonsense quizzes, Twitter, Bllogging…