Friday, July 30, 2010


There we were… having supper… then came a guy… with stuff in his hands… showing it to every customer… not dejected by every NO. We said no too...

He is in 20s’… tall and lean… look like he get not enough food nutrient… hard to recognize if he is local or not. He had the look which I can’t describe…  I felt very hopeless every time I saw that look… it is like they had too much on their shoulders…  and there’s nothing I can do about it…

He walked away… gone in the darkness of night… the comfort-ness I felt before his existence felt very wrong… why my life is so fine when he is out there, probably have nowhere to go… I felt I don’t belong...


Thursday, July 29, 2010


Best review I read about Salt is ‘Salt could use a little more spice’ LOL!

I don’t heart Mrs. Brad Pitt wannabe… maybe because I still believe snatching others’ husband is totally wrong… maybe I will like her if I was born with both X and Y chromosome…

I would rather watch Twilight… on the second thought; I would rather watch the re-run of Who’s Line Is It Anyway or would rather watch nothing…

But, there’s a salt story I want to share…

There were me, expected to serve the drinks for a meeting just because they decided to bully me and a salt…

I was made to prepare the drinks… it was like to make a drink for your future in laws when they come to check on you for the first time… Damn nervous.

How hard it could be right? Just a tea for couple of guys… a tea, some hot water and some sugar… sure won’t fire the pantry or anything…

So, I took one tea bag, pour the hot water into a jug… wait for couple of second for the tea to be what it suppose to be. Then, add some sugar… put another spoon of sugar… another spoon and another until I lost count how much sugar I’ve already added into the jug. Still, the tea taste sugarless… Gosh, how come the sugar is not sweet… maybe its non-sweet sugar…

Those guys who put me into this madness was impatient with my ‘sekejap tau… x manis lagi la air nie…’ luckily our cleaning lady arrived. I was hoping she would told me that those are non-sweet sugar… it wont sweeten your drinks. Instead she said ‘ini garam la Shida, macam mane mau manis?’ I was like what??? Finally, she was the one who ensure that the whole bunch of guys didn’t suffer a salty hot tea. Or else the clients would sure remember my boss, his Company and the salty tea… and surely will remember me the girl who can’t differentiate salt and sugar…

From then onwards, all I can do is smile every time our IT guys made fun of my not so lucky day… how should I know if they stocked some salt in the freezer? It was white and look the same as sugar… they would sometimes ask me to check either it was really sugar before I made my own drinks…

So, tea anyone??

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to do away with a guy without telling him anything?

Get obsessed with your works… as of how they define obsess.

I’ve spent more than 12 hours in the office most of the time… working during weekends… and no, I’m not obsess… I definitely have life other than my works… I usually deteste my works but at the end of the day, I’m satisfied… I have times for family and friends… and surely can make times for you…

men's best friend

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Monday, July 26, 2010

If u still wearing those school uniform & get pregnant by chance, and ur parents disowned u.. No worries! There’s always State Government and its CM…

I’m planning to pause blogging for sometimes… but, there is something that really gets on my nerve. So, have to let my thought here…

How to minimize cases of babies dumping in Malaysia?

‘Special school for pregnant teens’ – a so called noble idea from Malacca’s State Government…

Muslim teenagers in the state were encouraged to get married early if they feel the urge to do so; Ali said this would help to prevent babies from being abandoned

he state government has decided to promote and help teenagers who want to get married as we strongly feel that this is the best way to prevent them, including school kids, from committing sin and worse, dumping their newborns

The special school will cater to those who are legitimately married.

But, for unmarried teenagers, they also can be part of the school but with one condition -- they must marry the baby's father.

Ali said teenagers from other states could also join the school.

This problem has become a disease of sorts. We cannot just turn our backs and think that this is not our problem.

The best way is to take an effective counter-measure.

We also have plans to provide financial help for young couples. Maybe they will be made eligible for welfare aid. We will also help them to take very good care of their newborns.

The article really made me felt like punch someone in their face… Hello Mr. Minister, are you that serious????

If I’m 14 years old; have boyfriend/s; I would think that it’s fine for me to do ‘it’ even if I’m not married yet; because even if I got pregnant and there are no one to turn to, there’s always the State Government. I can still go to school if it’s really that matter… I might as well get some money for getting pregnant out of wedlock on top of free married… because my boyfriend might agreed to marry me for that RM500.00. If we were married, we would might getting monthly allowance from the Welfare... that sound great...

Girls; if you ever read this, I hope you are a lot more sensible that the man who made this mad proposition…

Friday, July 16, 2010

Go Green E-mail Signatures

If you are looking a nice go-green email signature, here are some I got from the web.. It's nice to put one you know.. just as friendly reminder.. and it's kind of cool right? My favourite? Erm, I came out with my own... :)

Please consider the environment before printing this email

This Company Bullfrogpowered. Please think & act ‘sustainable’ ¬ print only if required.

How many trees must be lost so you can print your e-mail? Print responsibly.

If you print this message, you’re killing trees!

Printing this message means one more tree must die.

File this email in an email folder and save a tree.

Think before you print and save a tree.

PS Think of the trees … please don’t print off this email unless you really have to.

“Save a Tree” – Please consider the environment before printing this email.

Don’t print this, OK?

Printing this message kills trees. Printing is a murder! 

Printing this email makes Al Gore cry

Please do not print this e-mail unless you really need to do.

Printing emails is the new clubbing seals.

Rome lasted over a thousand years without printing emails. Are you really going let Nero and Elagabalus have a better impact on the environment than you?

Why print this email? You wouldn’t copy a DVD to BetaMAX.

This email was produced with the highest quality bytes and Grade-A electrons; why degrade it by printing it on an obsolete medium like paper?

Unless this is a twenty dollar bill, it isn’t worth printing. 

Here’s a useful shortcut to remember – Ctrl-P = Rampant Climate Change.

10 square miles of Rain Forest were used to print your list of Top Ten Things Cats are Thinking.

The Rare Spotted Mewling Toad agrees that printing your memo is more important than his habitat.

If man was not meant to print his emails, he would not have been given the gift of toner.

Mother Nature says: Forward All  >  Print

Welcome to the Digital Age! Printing emails went out with the fanny pack.

F.Y.I., your boss hates the sight of paper. It’s a ‘Nam thing. Maybe try forwarding instead of printing.
Printing emails is the new child abuse. You would probably kill 8.3% of a tree every time you print

Haven’t you heard? Printing is so yesterdays… Print responsibly - by indahnyasisuria


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

'kisah bini tua dan bini muda'

 sharing is caring they say...

Ada seorang kakak ni, dah dekat menapouse, tapi masih nampak bergetah kerana kulit cerah, kuning langsat, body masih mengancam jantan miang (lelaki beriman OK la kut...) dan kecil molek orangnya. Hanya 5 kaki tinggi lebih kurang. Oleh itu tak terserlah ketuaannya malah jadi siulan orang. Kak Nani, namanya=Rosnani.

Tapi entah macam mana, saya dengar berita suaminya kawin lagi satu. Siap bersanding lagi dengan pelamin vogue, dan paling pelik buat kat rumah sendiri. Bahkan dua kali ganda pelik, Kak Nani sebagai penyambut tetamu dihari bahagia suaminya. Juga tiga kali ganda pelik, Kak Nani sambut dengan senyuman ori (bukan kelat tau) di gerbang rumah. Apakah rahsia suami Kak Nani itu yang bekerja hanya sebagai anggota penolong

Setahun, dah dapat orang baru, tak pasti lelaki ke perempuan, namun bila hampir genap dua tahun, cik abang tu kawin lagi satu tanpa menceraikan kedua-duanya. Ringkas cerita apa yang ditulis di perenggan kedua di atas tu berulang, bahkan isteri menyambut tetamu secara berjemaah, senyum, bangga dan tanpa sedih barang sekelumit pun !

Kak Nani pun montel, berisi dan bersusun gelang di tangan. Kagum saya akan suami Kak Nani! Telah ku sematkan di hati untuk mendapatkan petua dari cik abang apakah ilmu dimiliki.? Sayugia, seminggu kemudian dengan beradabnya saya menemui Kak Nani sebagai isteri tua sebagai minta izin untuk berjumpa cik abang.

Bila dilontarkan hajat mohon ilmu makrifat suami hebat, Kak Nani dengan yakinnya berkata, "Tak perlulah jumpa suami akak, sebab boleh akak nyatakan rahsianya tanpa was-was". Saya agak kesal kerana tidak yakin dan Kak Nani dengan pantas mencelah, "Akak nak jadi isteri yang taat, isteri yang adil, yang saksama, beri semua madu merasa apa yang akak rasa ..."

"Biarlah betul-betuk kak" kata saya . Jawab kak Nani, "kakak mahu semua madu rasa apa yang suami beri .., kalau dulu selalu akak kena penampar sepak tendang, kini mereka pun dapat, lewat layan seks kena tumbuk
maka mereka pun rasa, makanan kurang panas kena baling dengan pinggan mereka pun alami, kejut suruh bangun subuh kena hentak di bucu katil mereka dapat juga, tanya kenapa balik lewat dibedal dengan buckle tali pinggang mereka pun rasa. Pokoknya apa yang Kak Nani rasa , mereka dapat dan rasa tanpa kecuali.Maka DAH KURANG apa yang akak dapat kerana pengagihan ADIL itu sesama kami".

Saya terkulat-kulat memikirnya. Dengan senyum simpulnya Kak Nani menyambung, "dan sekarang akak boleh tidur lena, makan selera, badan tak lebam, sihat montel dan kini suami akak tak lagi minta duit gaji akak (bini lain gaji mahal), maka dapat beli gelang-gelang emas 916 ini", sambil dia menggoyang-goyangkan lengan yang penuh gelang ibarat Rita Rudaini dalam filem Mami Jarum tu.

Saya batalkan hajat nak jumpa cik abang tu, sebab bersyukur. Walaupun tak dapat ilmu kawin 3 , setidak-tidaknya saya masih seorang lelaki dan bukannya jantan !!... 



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my first kiss 2.0

It was drizzling… I’m rushing home from the office for I-don’t -remember-why. The traffic was clear but I forgot I’m driving in KL. As I made my way through a corner, the traffic was already at still… luckily I manage to stop my car… then I spot a car behind me… as I was thinking what if it didn’t manage to stop? Bang!!! It kisses my back… luckily my auto-respond is freeing the gear and not pushing the accelerator… or else it would be it’s-not-my-fault-cos-he-kiss-me-first.

Then, got this Satria crossed in front of me… a guy come out. Is he a Tonto? If he is, he is so super fast. Or today is his damn lucky day. Or could the whole I-accidentally-kiss-you is just a plot?

I slowed down my radio. Have no idea what to be done, I dialed Ati’s number. Told her I got into this accident and my whereabouts. She said she is coming right away. A bit relieve there. My hand was shaking so bad… I don’t plan to get out yet so I just lowered down my window… The guy from the Satria came and ask me ‘ade brake ke tadi?’ I was like ‘what????’ then he came again after checking what happened ‘Kak, tak nak turun tengok kereta ke?’ then came another guy in the midst 40’s ‘kereta awak takde ape-ape…’ some sort of assurance there… but it’s not my car condition that really bugged me. I’m terrified because I’m lost of what I should and should not do…

I got out from my car and I saw the it-who-kiss-me was so badly damaged… I can saw the part of the engine. Damn! There was few people on the phone… so I was curi-curi pandang at my car… seem unaffected by the kiss… so I called my brother… briefed him how I got into the mess and told him that the car seem ok… he want to talk to the driver then.. Luckily he was engaged… lol… I disconnected my brother. There were roughly 7 of them… they seem like knowing each other… this is not good especially for me… being the only girl in such scene is not comforting at all…

I asked the driver ‘so, what should we do?’ ‘Nak buat police report ke?’ then he said ‘kite settle luar bole?’ I called my brother again… bla... bla... bla… finally, we decided not to make the police report and will be in touch to discuss on how it should be dealt with.

Other than scratches which can be amended, I have to push the car's trunk so hard to get it close. Not me but Ati… I don’t have such energy. LOL! Ati, Umi, my brother and other few friends told me I should ask him who kissed me to either get the car fix or pay for the bill. So, I have Ati called him. He was very polite… but dared to put the blame on me… and said he preferred if we settle our own bill. Damn! I really love this guy… but Ati wasn’t going to agree with him at all… and finally he agreed to settle my bill if I insisted. Like I'm so  lapar sangat nk duit die… Erm, I’m totally in love with this guy!!!

Then I called another friend. Briefly told him what happened and the car’s condition… he said he could take care of it and also given me the same advice... asking for compensation… the $300 rule… *Grinned there*

Being me, I called he-who-kiss-me and told him that I would settle my own car… I won’t send him any bills or asking for his money… why? Not because I felt guilty for what had happened or kesian and sympathy. It just a decision made… but I’m planning to go to his place someday… just to let him know that it wasn’t my fault that he accidentally kissed me… and to just let him know the cost for amending his inability to avoid the unfortunate scene.

So, there would be my first kiss 3.0 if I ever meet him again…

lucky draw...

I've been invited; so called la.. to join this lucky draw contest by celoteh RASP
very simple to join... so why not right??? 
she have a nice blog too... and a v v nice templete... :)

* at least I have something to post today!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

my first kiss 1.0

You have to go beyond my words to exactly catch the so called my-first-kiss. The main subject of those moments wasn’t me or he. It would be two moving vehicles. LOL! I’m just twisted my words here… so please refer to available tag. For my very own first kiss, (writing this sentence already made me euww….) it would be too personal to share and only time can tell when. 
Enjoy reading peeps! 
my first kiss 2.0 would be coming soon… (Erm, like there are lots who will read right!


I've been kissed; last Saturday, around 5 pm somewhere in KL... it was drizzling at that time... could be very romantic though!

how could he? kiss me and blaming me for it...

worst is he won't take any critics for his action... 

I knew it was out of the blue but he is the one who did it... 

did he know that i know about the $300 things? He must think I'm so naive about it...


It's true... I did not know what should I do when it happen... but next time I'll be well prepared... well, let just hope there won't be next time...


 Girls, there are lots of other thing that you should know about being a driver... apart from fill in the tank and polishing...


NO.. I’m not talking about other but, but BUT

You must have heard this so many times before…

He is ok BUT ………….

He is nice BUT ………………

He is all right BUT ………………….


Why the BUT is always so bigger than any other things?


Bila durian jadi tempoyak
Bila ikan jadi masin
Bila kekacang jadi taugeh
Bila jagung jadi air
Bila mangga jadi kerabu

Berakhirnya suatu kenikmatan….


Did you know why it’s advisable to fast on Monday? Sincerely, I did all this time because they said it’s good day to fast… but it’s because our Prophet was born on Monday… not that hard to justify right… just so you know, I’m fasting today… it felt much better since now I know why it’s good to fast on Monday…