Thursday, October 28, 2010

wall street 2.0

wall street... the sexiest workplace ever... 


there's so much I've learn from Wall Street, $$$ Never Sleep. Never give up on things you care...

Everyone deserves a second chance… or the 2nd second chance… or the 5th second chance… or even the 21st second chance. The hurt, the risk and the patient might eventually worth it. Even if it’s not, trying it out is indeed a second chance to us. So we won’t regret it for not trying or giving us the chance that might result differently.

Give yourself that chances just before shutting down on things or people… especially the one you heart… or one who you occasionally love but dis when thing happen.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

smile sunshine...

Among my other job specification are SMILEY…

It mean smile or smile… or you are not doing your job well… :D

That bright beautiful smile is not mine… and it never yours either…

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Definitely yours…

picture from:
why Google is so amazing? It has answer for anything... the picture came out after I type in my post tittle in Google Search for Images.. LOL!

“Okay maybe someone will say that they like your smiles, but after that, definitely your …….” I’ve come across this after reading a quite nice blog. I read his blog because he really portrays what men really are. not worth the headache

But does all man think alike in that sense?

Too bad then because I quite believe what he wrote. IF it’s really a FACT then I should ask forgiveness from my unborn future sons. For it was not my fault that they weren’t actually had the pleasure to be here.

I definitely have the so called definitely your …. BUT

But then again, he might be far from right…

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

summmer love... Goodbye!

She is the Marion Counter..
Marion who? She is on her to break so many Malaysian women’s heart… Mine excluded, I tell you later why. But, I’m quite agreeing with SM Faisal… he would have told my summer love ‘of all the girl in the world?’ only time will tell if both of them are really heaven match-made.

Have you saw him lately? He is becoming …….. Just look at the photo below:

  and 5 years later...

(sorry, I don't know how to use Photoshop whatsoever.. so just used Paint to gave the so called stretching effect.. LOL)

So, watch out Marion dearie… you better keeps your eyes on him. No, I’m not talking about the other girls-that-would-queuing-to-grab-him… it’s his ability to stretch that I’m concern taking him out of the list. LOL!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Love letter

Do you have something or someone that makes you comfort?

My parents’ place, eating chocolate, reciting His words, raining and silence are my source of comfort. No matter how bad the day is, those never let me down.

I have a letter from yesteryears that I kept reading for self relieving. To feel good about life. For I know that he is believable and he really what I think he is. So I thought I have it. I’ve been looking for it since last week but it was nowhere to be found. Finally I’ve come to realize that I’ve destroyed it sometimes ago. But I couldn’t remember when or how. I felt so hopeless for not being able to read him again. Because there are times; times like this that comfort comes from it. I’m sure that I’ve destroyed it for a closure and that was it.

Life is so demanding at times..

Friday, October 01, 2010

7 days

 - this is not a Craig David's song -

It was raining most of the days… we had a beautiful sun just now. it went off already. Look like it going to rain soon… we call it ‘hujan rahmat’ if it’s raining on FRIDAY. But, raining itself is a bless right… stop complaining.

Need umbrella? Giordano give a special rate on raining season right?

All battery in my life suddenly makes alliance to get my attention. Which could create a hole in my pockets… they say that one day machine could fail… and it would fail you too… damn! I definitely need new handphone… BUT no iPhone or Blackberry… too common! But if you have extra, I’m more than willing to accept… *wink*

Fasting in Syawal is so challenging… just like always. With all they kuih raya the stock up in the office, the open house office invitation and the smell of sambal belacan from  my colleague’s lunch packet.

I’m going back to my parents at the end of the day… my weekend would be packed with driving and more fancy foods. No fishing I guest. Looking for a great Monday!

Have a nice & lovely weekend!