Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dude! (READ; Single dad…)

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Tall, dark and handsome…. Unchecked!

Not so tall, not so dark and not so handsome… unchecked too!

I always have a thing for single daddies… especially single daddy with kid; son, age around 3 to 7-8 years old… sound too specific I guest! But, a single dad with kid (READ; plural) is somehow spell as s-e-x-y…. LOL!!!!

It’s so hard (READ; damn real hard) to find one NICE available and single man… but, would it be easy to find a NICE single dad? We’ll see…

And it must be damn real hard to find tall, dark and handsome single dad that somehow sweet and nice!


Friday, February 25, 2011

The Mechanic & Me… 2.0

…And some other strangers…

The movie started with a style and ended with a bang! LOL… there are few ouch!! moments, very classic songs, The Company (as usual), lots of man in black suit and a judgement that went all wrong…

An assassin should be a loner… or else the other human will eventually deviate them… but Jason Statham is definitely my 'sincerely yours' … in my Sid'o'Land of course!!!

After all, I’m really my boyfriend’s girlfriend… LOL! By the way, Michael West is my other associate boyfriend. I was so thrilled by all those firing, explosion and weapons.

It’s a great movie… maybe I should go and watch the earlier version…

"A good Mechanic is hard to find…”

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Mechanic & Me

The Mechanic… I knew I have to watch this movie… it’s my kind of movie… just like The Peacemaker, Batman & Robin, Intolerable Cruelty… Opss! That is the other kind of my have-to-watch-movie… LOL… Con Air, The Peacemaker, License To Kill, The Godfather, The Assassin and such… when there are the bad guy, the good guy, action pack and some cool gadgets such as weapon and more weapon… LOL!!! Not those kind where the battle is human V alien, alien V robot, human V robot and vice versa…

And I knew I have to watch it by myself… because cool people such as snipers, assassins or secret agents wasn’t suppose to have a human… I mean as a friend, family or someone special… They are a loner… So, it would just be The Mechanic and Me today!

I do think I’m best to be ‘a loner’; currently. Just to reflect my life as it is now… Sound pathetic? I hope The Mechanic won’t disappoint me as some other things in life right now… I can’t officially talk to him because I’m on leave right now… these are the time during the month where I miss him terribly… I always felt the need to talk to him in such a proper way… We miss something when it’s gone… Always!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Miss Auditor

I was browsing my phone book the other day… and I came across this name ‘miss auditor’. I have no idea who is this miss auditor… it would be great if it’s mr.auditor instead… I could just call and ask…. :)

The miss auditor is actually an acquaintance I meet during the recent seminar I’ve attended. She did tell me her name but I didn’t get it. I was hesitated to ask her to repeat it again… then, I just key-ed in miss auditor when we exchanged our contact number... with hope that I will recall her name later… until now, she will always be the miss auditor…

I’m really bad at remembering others name… unless if you tell me ‘I’m Bond, James Bond!!’ Sure will I remember yours... LOL!

I remembered watching one of the Martha Stewart’s show. She invited an expert in remembering strangers’ name. It’s important to remember one’s name the first time… because it you are not, it was either you are not paying attention or you are not interested. You did not want to give that impression right? I don’t. The guy gave few useful tips. I don’t really remember most of it but he said about association. Try to associates him or her with anything that will help you remember. Example; you meet a girl, she wears those Betty’s glasses… and let say her name is Alia… you can either acknowledge her as Alia, Betty’s BFF or Malaysia’s Betty is Alia. (P/s; this sort of association and acknowledgement is for yourself only… LOL!) Another tip is repeating their name during the initial conversation. It will help your brain to register and keep the name better. This can be applied only if you catch their name when they first mentioned it… LOL!!! And if you don’t, just said ‘I’m sorry but I have a hearing problem…

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Like a Cinderella

You know Cinderella? Her beauty was hidden behind the smears, dirt and dirty clothes. Her life was gruesome most of the time. She has a family but never felt love… She was a servant rather that a daughter or a sister. Nobody cares except when things need to be done… poor girl! She was indeed a kind hearted girl because she wasn’t complaining… she seeks happiness by singing for herself… and the rest is history!

I felt like Cinderella… scratch all the beauty, lovely and the prince charming part… I’m a blind spot! You are there but who care? ‘I’m sorry but I didn’t saw you…’ there are times where I love this ‘You’re nobody’ thought… No one seems to care so I could just slip away… with times, I getting good at isolating myself from everything… it hurt but I live!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

she who call me nenek!

By hierarchy, she supposed to call me ‘Nenek’ or granny… My father and her great-grand mother is sibling. Her grand-mum is my so called cousin. And the rest is history…

It’s family!!!

And she did call me nenek… not exactly nenek but something better; Nek Ngah… cos I’m the second.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My precious…

I switched it on at 0745… and at 1005 it still “Do I have to wake up? What time is now? I’m sleepy… can I wake up a bit laterrrrrrr????" The slowness is nothing I can compare with… its worst than a person with Parkinson and slower than our granny… LOL!

It took more than 2 minutes to just Copy & Paste or to change fond… It might be because I haven’t switched it on for more than a week… a sleep OD!

It gave me (Not responding) more than I can tolerate… and I just END NOW everything. End of story!!!

If only I can END NOW to others that give me (Not responding) thingy… life would be much better!!!! I believe so…

A 2 Z...

Do you have that something something that you really really want?

I do!!

How would it turn out if out of that 26 alphabets, we were only taught A & Z? Leaving all the other alphabets such as L-O-V-E behind…. LOL! We went to school; the teacher told us “there are 26 alphabets in the world… A to Z… The next minutes, we already could read the whole book… In Simpson maybe!!

Sometimes I wish I could have that something something without ever going to have to go through the other 24 alphabets such as L-O-V-E… It would be awesome if I could just get from A and straight to Z… Could I?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Selamat Pagi Cikgu!!!

'I’m a teacher… an art teacher; I’m not good at it because it’s art…' that would be my reply the very next time people ask me ‘what did you do for living?’


‘I thought you are a teacher…’, ‘Are you a teacher?’ and sort of assumption…. I’ve been living with it ever since forever. Do I really look like a teacher?

Teacher… It did make on my ‘top 5 what I want to be’ list back when I was in primary school…

But, Roni said ‘you’ll get bullied by students…’ It’s indeed why I do think that teacher is not for me… I’ll get bullied or I’ll let myself to be bullied. For me, kids nowadays are so impossible… Yup! My opinion is base on my observation…

Those impossibilities may break my heart more than any man could do and I’ll ended up being an unhappy teacher… I think that our children are so impossible because of the environment, the Government and parents. We so called ‘ruin’ our children for I don’t know what… I’m indeed a person who everything under the sun is my business!!!! That I can’t help it…

I may be physically fit to be a teacher but not emotionally…

Still; I wish I can be a great teacher to my own children… Maybe!

Alexander Pearce... who?

Forget CSI… forget NCIS…. Here comes Scotland Yard… and the Italian Interpol...

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I want to watch The Tourist but I didn’t really want to watch it… I want to because of Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp and I didn’t really want to watch it because of erm… Angelina Jolie… LOL!

Jack Sparrow is better than that Frank whatever or Alexander Pearce… but, it kind of good movie to watch…

Thanks to Venice…

“Twenty million dollars worth of plastic surgery, and that's the face you choose?” ~nice!

Opps!!! The movie? The Scotland Yard and The Italian Interpol (the name itself is so sexy right??) took away the coolness of CSI… Haha!!!