Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to live within your means?

I found an article that gave 10 ways to live below/within your means… 

1. Redefine your definition of ‘rich’ – rich shouldn’t be define as driving the most expensive car but having enough money to meet the basic needs, a few of your wants and be able to give some to others
2. Borrow & Share – borrow a DVD from friends and vice versa… instead of buying & renting…
3. Avoid the mall – need I say more? Ask any shopaholics you know…
4. Buy cash – (READ; your own cash…) you can’t spend money you don’t have… Debit cards? You can go over your account balance.
5. Find a better deal – compare
6. Stick to a long-term investment strategy – spread your investment over several mutual funds and a few individual stocks.
7. Stay healthy! – Medical problems drain your bank accounts
8. Prepare for a rainy days – life isn’t always about roses and cupcakes! LOL!!
9. Avoid impulse buying – buy things you really need.
10. Time is money – manage your time properly. Focus on tasks that give you the absolute most return.


Friday, March 11, 2011

wedding preparation 3.0

picture from;

this is what me & my other 6 friends been doing in Facebook right now... it keeps us LOL!!!! and receiving almost or more 1000 notification from Facebook in just a week!!! 

and we might make others felt like throwing up... :D

~ mujur lah berangan tu free....

Thursday, March 03, 2011

My Oscar

If I ever nominated and won the Oscar for 'the most annoying whatever' my Oscar's speech would sound pretty much like this:

Fist of all, zillion thanks to the management of xx apartment for denying me… I did pay my maintenance fee tho! But, as you said; ‘I’m just doing my job!!!’ Whatever! And also thanks to those who… (erm, you don’t want to know who) for… (Oh, you sure didn’t want to know what they said too..) but thanks anyway! Yes, it’s all my fault! Me and myself alone. Noted and see you guys at the next Oscar!!!

Sometimes I wish I could just fold my car and put in inside my Birkin!!!

14 Feb 2011

We would associate the 14 Feb to Valentine first…. right?

A gift is to be kept… but what about if someone gave you something and they purposely signed it off and dated it 14 Feb 2011? If I ever kept it, there are chances that maybe in 20 years time, someone might ask me; Oh, who is this? Was he your Valentine then?’

Someone gave me a book… as a gift. He likes it so much and recommended me to read it. Before I went off yesterday, I thought of reading it… maybe the first page… because it’s period kind of novel… To my surprise, he signed it off and dated it… what-the-whatever!!!! Is this some sort of Valentine’s gift?

Luckily nobody knows about anything… about how he sort of giving me the novel… the novel he carried around since… How could he do this to me???

The novel is likely to be under my desk forever… or anyone up for a free novel? :p

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Please Don’t Let Me Go…

Oh… I fall for Olly Murs!! Particularly Olly Murs in that white shirt singing ‘Baby, please don’t let me go…’ Oh, I won’t babe!

I’m tired of people asking me that one question. I always half seriously said ‘kalau boleh, semalam nak kahwin… tapi….’ It sometimes shut them up! LOL!!

Please Don’t Let Me Go…

I’m here…
There he is…
There is a wall between here and there….
It’s a wall with a door and the doorknob is with me...
I have a hand on the doorknob while the other hand is ticking those crappy checklists…
I’m in the middle of a conversation with myself… to pull or not to pull the doorknob…
And one thing I want he to hear me saying is 
‘Please!!! Wait there for a little while...'
I’m not trying to fight the moonlight but….

But, do you have a scar that you can tell me about?

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Alicia Bitch Longlegs' Legs

I’ve read something about man on a magazine… it said ‘When meeting new person of the opposite sex, man will first look at her eyes (seriously serious???) and then her definitely yours…. Then her legs!’ Only God knows why the legs…

And it occurred to me that, that is one of the reason there are so many singletini around… Legs and the other immaterial variables…

If she was all right but then the legs… her legs happened to not match that Alicia Bitch Longlegs’ leg… and he fancy Alicia’s longlegs so much… So, he dumped her because of that legs… what happened IF she and her-not-Alicia’s-legs is actually his? The one written for him long long time ago…

Love is not to be yield by legs… or definitely yours!!! It supposes to come from something more apparent… actually, I'm unsure with the later but LOVE; definitely it is not because of some legs or eyes or whatever they said to you…