Sunday, June 26, 2011


I was stopped by a guy yesterday… ‘kak, nak tanye.. blok 4 kt mane ye?’ With such confidence I said ‘oh, dekat belakang car park tu…’ it was my unit’s bulding. ‘terima kasih ye..’ ‘sama-sama’ and I walked away… All of sudden, I turned to him and ‘erm, sorry ye… saye x pasti la.. saye rase blok 4 is that one…’ in the end, I asked him to go to the building I guest is the one he was looking for and asked any guard man who suppose to guard that area.

I’ve been living there for three years and I didn’t know which one is which. Sometimes when people asked ‘eh, duk blok mane?’ I would have to think before answering…

That guy must have thought that I’m new or a visitor just like him… because he saw me going toward my block… or else he would think I’m nut or blur or whatever.

Note for future ME; it’s Sunday and I’m in the office… hope your Sunday is better than mine!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

a man, a woman and a discussion about eskimos

'do you want to hear an interesting fact?' said jo. 'eskimos apparently have over fifty different word for snow. snow's really important to those guys - i suppose it's because sometimes the difference between one type and another can mean the difference between life and death. 'she paused and laughed self-consciously. 'you know they've got words for dry snow and wet snow, fluffy snow and compact snow. they've got words for snow that comes down fast and snow that comes down slow - they've thought of everything.' 

'that's a lot of snow,' commented rob as his eyes flicked to a scruffy-looking mongrel crossing the road in front of them, oblivious to the night bus hurtling towards it. it only narrowly missed being hit, but continued coolly on its journey to the bin outside the off-licence, which it sniffed studiously, then cocked a leg against it.

'so, what's your point?' asked rob.

'well, it's like this,' replied jo. 'if eskimos can come up with fifty words for snow because it's a matter of life or death, why is it that we've only got one word for 'love'?' 

"Mike Gayle - Brand New Friend"

Monday, June 20, 2011


This morning, I saw a middle age woman with a boy… he is roughly two or three years old…Her son maybe… he clung to her maybe because he was sleepy or maybe it was just too cold… and that few second really makes me felt so empty… 

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My sister said…

The place where I’m currently staying is like a collector’s place.

For example, an antique collector; his or her house must full of antique.

And she said she can’t live in a place like that… where there are so many ‘common thing’ that cloud the space… LOL!!!

And she was right. If my place is a collector’s place, then it’s not just any ordinary collector… it would be a damn good collector.


Wednesday, June 01, 2011

it's my birthday....

..... almost a year ago. LOL... I've been meaning to publish this entry so many times but 'time...' This entry is for future reference if I'm still blogging 20 years down the road...

Here is from my inbox

Dayang – hapy besdy to u ;-) tomorrow

He who should not be mentioned – Tahniah. Slmt hari lahir

Norie – Happy birthday…dh tue dh bile lg nk mkn nasi minyak ko…kah3x

Hajar – Happy bdy dear..dont wory just 1 no ahead of me…hahahaha…smga pnjg umur agar dpt kbrktan drNYA dr pelbagai cbang yg membhgiakn hdupmu…slmt ulg thn…

Roni – Cik, slamat ulang tahun…sm0ga dberkati um0r,dmurahkn rezki & dpercepatkn j0d0h…ttys

Abg Man – Happr birthday

Digi – To our valued customer, DiGi wishes you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Dyana dearie – hepy burfday 2 u..smoga pjg umur & murah rezki..syg kamu sgt2…

Shelloit – happy bufday babeee!!! Hope all ur wishes come true ngee

Kak aida – happy 28th bday kakak.. semoga panjang umur murah rezeki amin (eee dah tua dah dia)

Gearbox box @ Ayu – Salam..hepi bezday sis! Smoga u sentiase hepi n tabah dlm mjalani khidupan ni & I doakn u pjg umur n murah rezki, yg pnting jodoh dicpatkn tau hehe love u muahhh:-*

Nad – hepi besday my dear twin! May Allah bles u with joy n hepines.

Cookies box @ along – accidently deleted.. sorry along..

there are some print screen from my FB account but lost it already... machine will always fail you right?

u have 1 new message!

Someone sms-ed me asking ‘awak nak kahwin bila?’

I’ll get married when I’ll get married 

Oh, saya dh kahwin last month… just a family event. Sebab husband saya kene station somewhere out of Malaysia for 3 years. Baru last week die pergi… it was so hard but there’s nothing can be done…I can’t resign just like that… That’s why xde kenduri and everything. So, end of this year saya pn akan ikut die… saya harap awak akan bertemu jodoh yang baik… 

Hopefully he is not the guy I met at the deli and the rest is history…because I don’t even reply him. There are no perfect words.