Sunday, October 30, 2011


shoes; for some, it's investment!
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The so called PMS.

It’s real… as Roe said it. It’s not something that we purposely create to excuse our not so proud attitudes. It‘s in our blood and there’s nothing we could do about it. We could try our bestest to control it but there’s nothing we could do if it was not good enough.

Sometimes it’s purely emotion… so you have to suck it up when deal with one.

I’m currently having it. Hope could justify the above.

I’ve read something on my FB. By the way, I have one contingency FB accounts! And suddenly I felt like I’ve lost my bestie to someone and I hate it. And so many others thought that purely driven by PMS. Thus, it’s better kept them within my thought and the PMS.

Bottom line is the thought is baseless and if it’s not, it’s really beyond me. There are others that will stick around and life is so long, you’ll found few others. PMS driven peep talk.

Sunday+office+PMS = my sundae melted before I could enjoy it!

Friday, October 28, 2011

google earth

maybe i've missed the boat but Google Earth is cool!
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I still want that little house with a BIG kitchen... 

So, I can have my own kitchen musical there... 

Did you know that a good and tasty foods come from a happy heart? 

to be continued... 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

leaving the politic to the politician...


The issue surrounding the suspension of Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari can be call one of the sensitive issue. Everyone wants to have a say and me included. Here because I’ve no FB.

“… Aziz to focus on his career as a constitutional law lecturer by publishing more research papers in international law journals. He need not voice his opinions at Pas assemblies or other opposition meetings but should concentrate on being an academician and leave politics to the politicians’ – then said by Datuk Syed Hussien Al-Habshee. And my two cents for who-ever-he-is is “WTF?” and have some sense.

Why can’t someone who is indeed of a sound mind and judgement make a comment or giving his two cents towards whatever issue there at? If he is wrong, tell him so. Or you want to write a script for everyone? Can you?

thought for the foods 2.0

my invention inspired by some guy who made cheese whatever... forgot about him already... :) as always, easy to prepare and simple. with chicken, tempura flour, some milk, few spoon of oat and deep fried for about 3-5 minutes or until the chicken turn gold.

let call it crispy chicken with an oat. can?
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Monday, October 24, 2011

I think I’ve fall in love … again!

… again!

And they said love is not necessarily to have or to own them. You can love from far and still be happy that you found them.

maybe it could fall from the skies... who knows because the sky is so big and anything could fall from it... LOL! 


6 – 1 …

is more than I hope for.

I just couldn’t help but my Monday is a better Monday if MU lost a game the night before. And 1 to 6 is definitely makes me grinned last night. Luckily I have no Man City jersey, or else I’ve wear it today.

Because those MMUFS need to know that it suck when your heart break. Maybe they will get over it in no time… others may get over it in no time but not MMUFS… LOL!!!!

Have a great Monday peeps!! Especially to those who took EL or MC because ……………

Sunday, October 23, 2011


The things I miss the most now is weekends… going back to my parents’ place… took my mum to the market, tv, foods and more foods, sleep, driving my parents to their associates’ place and breakfast with my dad… especially the tv and the food….

Now all my siblings are there… and I have to go to class on weekends. make me felt worst!

I've to attend weekend classes until Dec and it makes the week felt so long… they said there is a price for everything… I’m blessed with all opportunities given but the price is pricier that I’ve expected.

I miss home…

Saturday, October 22, 2011

foods for the thought

my catch on the recent Big Bad Wolf Book Sales... couldn't found what I've planned to buy... 

Friday, October 21, 2011

his three inch heels

If there is something that I could wear and give me the same exact feeling a heel can give, I swear I won’t wear a heel again!!!!!!!!!!

But, there isn’t… isn’t?

Here is the story… last afternoon, I saw a boy if his name is Samad, he want to be called Sally. He always with his Angeline’s sunglass even when it was 7 in the morning… carrying a fashion-statement handbag… and always in his ‘cardigan-for-girl’ cardigan. All that did bother me but I’m not interest. He is grown up and can think for himself. But, the other day I saw him walked with a 3 inch heels. I was like ‘why??????? Why you have to do this to me????? And to make thing worst, we shared a lift. There were only three of us. He went out before us, so as he walked out from the lift, my eyes followed his… heels. It was black and it has a lace material on it… I definitely won’t wear such heels. lOL!

And now I felt like I have to wear a much more better heels than him… I hate that feeling!

thought for the foods

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recipe for the stuffed cuttlefish can be found here..


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Literally, when there are so many things inside something such as a basket; you won’t know what are actually inside. And it will take sometimes for you to realize that something is gone.


Kept it there for so long… with so many other things and gone… doesn’t seems like it was gone but felt like gone.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

one of my big fat dreams…

…. to be famous

then, to be interviewed in life TV on Sunday morning.

so, he jaw will drop upon seeing famous ME…


kawan-kawan saya cakap ‘nasib baik la berangan tu free…’


It took rain to cause a landslide… a lot of rain on and a slope; high chances to happen on a less stable slope… causes by earthquakes or groundwater or erosion and aggravated by human activities.

If you are a slope, don’t let men near you.

It’s like a landslide when suddenly things gone… if my life is a play; you are the play-er.

Monday, October 17, 2011

sid sienna... No more

Deactivate my fb account… temporarily! Maybe until I’ve sit for my exam this coming December. :)

Why? Friends asked… ‘I rase ade orang stalk I la…’ like the-person-who-I-thought-stalk-me care!’

The truth is….

You know when you almost bloated because eating too much at a time? Or when it suddenly hit you; ‘what will happen to my fb once I’m gone?’

And life is more than ___________ fb for instance.

But, I’ll miss Mall World and Fashion designer and my neighbors there… LOL!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

a burning desire

Someone said to me ‘you need a burning desire to really have it…’ was his words of encouragement to ensure I excel in my study. Noted!

a burning desire..
a burning desire... and
a burning desire

And I realize that I could use that ‘burning desire to really have it’ someplace else… LOL!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Word of comfort

I owed Solitaire RM439.00. They said the machine will fail you someday… today is one of the day for me… and to all Malaysians who use Streamyx.

And if you think men are unreliable, machines are worst. What are the purposes of having all those sort of tech if you can’t really rely on it right? 

You know, when someone said to you something which you think they don’t really mean it. There are chances that you are right.

Have you ever said something and you don’t really mean it?

For whatever it was…

Someone told me an old saying… that if you eat something from somebody’s plate, you will remember that somebody for the rest of your life. Then, literally said to me ‘I’m so sorry… I’ll have you in my mind forever.’ just because he ate some onion from my plate..  I’ve messed up so many times and will stick around for some more… sure you will remember me…'

And I hope he know that the pleasure is always mine… I meant for him to know, someday!


What is right to your heart is not always true.

It hurt when it does.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I hate it when I need to need a chocolate….

My eyes keep blinking for few seconds on and on since yesterday. Not because someone is missing me or any other saying that associates with it but because I’m tense. Simply because the lousy management of the building simply renovate the wash room without even notifying us and it won’t completed soon. Their progress is no progress at all. They started the work last Saturday and been idle since yesterday. WTFish!!!!!!!!

Our landlord and the owner of the building are not in a good term. There is some sort of history between them and I suspected that the whole thing is just a conspiracy… LOL! But to me, it is fishy.

The thought of having to use others’ washroom alone is really bothered me. I’m not a big fan of public toilet. Can’t recall going to one to do the ‘business’. I’m using the public toilet just to wash my hand or to use the mirror… to check myself of course. With exception to last September when I used the airport washroom to refresh myself because we stranded there for more than six hours. Other than that, I prefer to hold myself until I’ve reach home.

With the no progress renovation work with the wash room, we have to 'tumpang' the other level washroom. The wash room is clean and well kept but the fact that I’m going to have to share it with a bunch of strangers I never meet or know for a period seems indefinite is enough to make me nut.

I’m thinking of asking for a permission to work from home… but just forget about it.

I need chocolate… lots of it!