Tuesday, November 29, 2011

.personal coaching.

Had a personal coaching session at starbucks earlier today….

Bla…bla…bla…bla… BURNING DESIRE!!!!!!!! Bla…bla…bla…

“You know, like those football players, they need those supporters to motivate them while they are on the field for those 90 minutes… you may need someone too!” Then I felt like being hit by a train, or worst!

I wish I could just run and run and never look back!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ignorance is bliss...

until you being ignored.

There is a fine line between stupidity and ‘seriously?’

I don’t understand how people can be such ignorant and still manage to pull an innocence face. Or could we? Comes from someone who cares almost about everything... but again, can we, human who own a heart be such ignorant? Women especially! It doesn’t come out right for me.

In a rare occasion, it could be unintentionally... apology accepted! What about when it was over and over again? Either you are plain stupid; which is nothing I could do about it or you are totally not worth the headache! End of story.

Heart, it is unseen but people might see it through you...

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Going back to the time when II was 15... It was 14 years ago... Wow, I’m 29! *scary*

Back then, life for teenagers would be more or less the same. We seldom asked money from our parents. What they gave was what we got and we spent it accordingly. Sometimes, we will ask for some money... some! to buy twisties, or the stupid water gun and such. Then, when our parents said something like NO or TAK BOLEH it mean NO. We don’t really argue with that. Life moves on! And when we sulking or got scolded, we gave them the silent treatment or went out and play with our mates. Then, came home before the sun down and we don’t even remembered that we were sulking before. Love; yeah... for unlucky some, they fall for that puppy love. Maybe a date at McD, make a round or two inside the shopping complex or exchanged of love letters. That was pretty much of it, nothing really complicated. And we grew up just fine... most of us.

Then, the now teenager. They thought their parents have all the monies in the world. They don’t ask, but demand and expect their parents to be able to provide such money they asked. Their toys cost hundreds at least. And when their parents said something like NO, they said never mind!!!! If ever the parents raise their voices, they run and didn’t come home and for some, it’s for forever. There are no perfect words to their ears. The worst is they want to know everything right away. There’s no such thing as puppy love because they went straight to you-know-what. How scary is that?

And one more things, they don’t know how to take thing easy... life seems so complicated to them. They need to learn to slow down a lot, to act their age and to girl, stop shaving your eyebrow.

10-1 = 9+1

If you have ten finger attached to your palm, be thankful. For, there are others who have less ten fingers but still be thankful for not having it.

Recently, I’ve accidently cut my little finger and only realized it when I saw the cut. Just a minor cut and it did not bleed at all. I was actually doing some cleaning at the time. Once I know about the cut, I’ve started isolated that very finger. And the works which was quite handy become a bit hard. Just because I’m working with nine finger.

How do you take care of yourself? And do you?

Use umbrella even when it just a drizzle, get enough calcium for your bones, eat healthily and don’t be reckless with your body... you may need it longer than you expected.

And appreciates what you have before it gone. You never know what you’ll miss until it’s gone. Appreciate your parents while they were still around.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

another day in paradise

Saw a man...
Elderly man carrying a cup of warm water...
Open his worn-out bag and took out some medicine...
Took few pills and continue his journey with a limp leg.

How I wish...
I keep wondering... does he have someone he can go to?
I feel bad every time... especially for men and children.

Life is His secret. Everyone is tested in a different ways. But my heart felt so fragile every time.

I wish I could do more than just wishing...

He disappeared in the crowd... trying to look for him but he was nowhere...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"kan best kalau jadi Garfield.."

“kan best kalau jadi kucing... tak payah pergi kerja...”

Tahukah anda bahawa kucing hanya boleh makan sisa-sisa KFC seperti tulang ataupun kulit yang dah tak rangup tu... kecuali lah Garfield kerana boleh la makan lasagna hari-hari.

Dan sedar tak bahawa kucing tak boleh berangan nak pakai Louboutin...

Kucing pun tak dapat merasa memandu kereta buatan Malaysia seperti proton saga walaupun bukan lah teruja sangat pun memandu kereta kebanggaan Malaysia tu...

Dan kucing pun tak pernah berharap untuk menjadi manusia... walaupun hidup mereka lebih kurang je rasanya dengan perasaan memandu kereta proton.

Tak kisahlah sekiranya kehidupan terasa seperti .......... kerana ‘kalaulah’ tidak akan membawa anda kemana-mana. Jika tidak, pasti sudah ramai manusia yang telah bertukar menjadi kucing/burung/Ferrari ataupun KLCC.

Monday, November 14, 2011

if school students can vote;

it won't guarantee you anything... 

Government is giving away an allocation of RM100 to school students under 2012 Budget. Heard about this when I was accidently watched the 8 PM scripted news.

The G is giving away RM100 in cash to all Malaysia students regardless of their family background. The cash was meant to be utilised for next term school expenses such as such as.

Where is the sense of it?

The footage was taken at a school in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 KL. And some of the student was obviously from a well off family where RM100 is so immaterial.

First, to some it may ease some burden but for some others, it won’t even cover their lunch?

Second, cash transaction for hundreds of million funds? Are they serious? Sure they have one very damn good control procedures.

Third, will it achieve the PM’s pure intention?

For me, it was a ridiculous decision. Whether it was political or non-political motivated, it was total absurd.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

tentang perempuan;

We shop for a different reason. Man shop because they need to but woman shop because its hobby, it’s a monthly ritual or we just have nothing better to do. We bought a new dress just to match it to our newly bought shoes/scarf/handbag or even that new bracelet. We bought the shoes because it was so affordable after that 70% mark down. We bought the skirt because it just so cute. LOL! So, we always found something like a dress we never wear stuck somewhere inside the wardrobe. We try it on and put it back where we found it. Why? It is because we simply couldn’t remember why we bought it on the first place.

For me, shopping help me to evolve.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Words of the day...

image from Google

My boss always has words for the day to be shared with me. Just like today. His words was ‘live every moments of your life... every moments of it... don’t wait until you become the person in front of you.... he referring to himself. I just nodded and smile...


I don’t know how but he noticed my new boot. LOL! He said to his PA ‘cantik tapi saya tak boleh la pakai...’ and I’m just laughed. Then, he summoned me to his room and said ‘come, sit... I just want to admire your shoes... ‘ LOL! And he did, then shared me his words of the day.

That’s my boss.

And my boot, it’s love at the first sight! 

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

guilty pleasure!!!!!!!

It’s a sin for some, but for some it’s heaven.

Glad I dragged myself and the migraine to cold storage yesterday afternoon. Bought all the ingredients before went home. Almost buying a boot from Bonia but thanks to the migraine… LOL!

Feel free to indulge with me…. Via the photos, of course of my 5 minutes to the bestest guilty pleasure…

now u see me...

... now u don't! 
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The how? Just dump few tablespoon of baking flour, sugar, unsweetened cocoa, milk, olive oil, chocolate chips and walnut into a mug, mix it evenly and microwave it for 3 minutes. For recipe, click here.

And the taste? I’m not going to over-praise myself but it was gooddddddddddddd!! It compact but the texture is soft. The chocolate chips melted in your mouth and I’m glad I omitted the egg and add walnut in it… should add more of it next time.