Thursday, July 26, 2012

They call it the big day...

It would be a D-day for me... The D-day is getting nearer each end of the day. My plan for it is do nothing! Which is; mission impossible. Sure is I want the D-day to become realise but why can’t it materialise without having to do so-not-necessary-and-waste-of –everything thing?  

My mum started to ask so many things which my answer was either DON’T KNOW or DON’T WANT....  Am so driving her crazy but in the end I tell her “nanti angah confirm balik k..” just to affirm her that I’m taking the D-day with high degree of seriousness despite my not so innocence don’t know and saying no to all her suggestion.  

Other s would be surprise when I told nothing was done yet...  

And Mr.Darcy asked me what have I done so far for the D-day? And I asked him back... he had his answer like hundred years ago and me? Hope he know how serious I’m about the D-day despite my never ending whatever.  


I just want it to be materialised without any hassle. Not that I’m so cheap or complaining, but there are so many unnecessary and waste of time, energy not to mention monies things which was not there supposedly but was there. Whatever it is, the clock is ticking and I'm wishing... 


Thursday, July 19, 2012

the balcony that I miss....

He talks about the house yesterday…. I just pretend to listen while playing with the foods. 

He talks about the house again after sometimes… I just ‘ok…’  

I freak out every time he mentioned the house, rumah kita and so on.  

Hope he won’t ask about the furniture or the curtain or anything about the house or I’ll run…. 

Hope he won’t ask me anything because I don’t have answer for everything…. NONE! 

cash flow statement

Yesterday, it took me one whole day to get my cash flow statement right. Make me feel like hugging someone so tight cause I’m so damn happy!  

Cash flow statement is one part of the whole reporting segment which least like by the auditor.  

It was done when all the figure in the report is final. No more adjustment whatsoever. Should be easy because all you have to do is just plucking the figure and put it in the template.  

The rules were also simple; everything that involves cash in and out. But also non-monetary item need to be add or deduct accordingly.  Add in or minus out some figure and you should get the balance as of cash you have at the date of the reporting. 

But, to get to that final figure could give you headache. It was so ‘i-swear-i-want-to-resign-after-finishing-this-assignment’.  

You have to pluck the RIGHT figure and put it into the RIGHT group. Should be easy if your lecturer did not skip the topic because it was not in the final exam. There are so many trick that you have never learn in school. You’ll pick up those tricks along the way. Given your firm did not provide you with the computer-aid software.  

But, the feeling when your statement finally makes sense is the greatest. It was priceless. All the ‘only-auditor-knew-feeling-depression-de-motivation-along the process’ were nothing to compare with.  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012



because he loves me so much.... 

right Mr.Darcy? 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


He will not say ‘no, you sound just nice’ when I said I sound like Adam Lavine after singing ten hours straight. He won’t buy me my favourite drink because he knew it would trigger the migraine. He has no sweet words or wishes on my birthday. There are so many things I wish he did but he didn’t. Did it break my heart? Was but will on PMS. There’s nothing a girl could do when it’s relate to PMS right?  


He stays. I've been throwing him tantrum over and over in the last few weeks. Others could have left. But he? He ignoring all my impossibilities and acted like I did nothing that hurt him. I've hurt him but all I get from him is love.  

It hurt me more that he is hurting especially when it was from me. PMS or no PMS, I should cut down all the drama act like the girl he fall in love with.  

Mr.Darcy; I just want to love you endlessly...  

p/s; happy anniversary school boy!! always wanted to call you that.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the fire extinguisher and my ‘not so long’-long-leg.

My dear friends would know about my leg... my Alicia-bitch-long-leg... that, if suddenly there’s a kick on their leg/s, they would know it was me. My damn can’t stay put leg. It really can’t stay still even when I’m in business meeting. It happened because I’m used to repositioning my legs after some times between five to ten minutes... so, accident could occurred right? 

I did it again yesterday... but not to some leg but to a fire extinguisher... damn fire extinguisher. In the client’s office. I kick the fire extinguisher down in the client office. How awkward could that be? The office was in still moments, no phone ringing, no door bell, no cleaner doing the cleaning things and suddenly BOMB! The guy across my table stared at me and also the girl on the 2 o’clock. I just stand up, walked and bend down to put the fire extinguisher back to it place and said sorry loud enough for the guy to hear me. The rest is history.  

Why they have to put that thing near my feet or why they let me sit near that thing?  

One thing for sure, there will be some legs which going to be accidently kick but let us hope none would need an ambulance ride. 

Thursday, July 05, 2012

my name is Sid and I'm impossible...

She asked me, ‘whose hand is that?’ I said ‘adelah…’ 

He said he want to book the wedding invitation card soon. So I won’t keep saying ‘KALAU kita kahwin…’ anymore.  

She thinks I’m playful and he said I’m hard to predict. 

I think I won’t run this time around… but I’ll be flying. There are butterflies in my stomach, it grow bigger by days and I’m quite certain that one day, they will flew me somewhere…  

But Mr.Darcy, don’t you worry my dear. I’ll be there when the day comes, waiting for you to preach that vow.  

Till that day… I think you could bear with my never ended impossibilities.