Friday, September 28, 2012

Last night…

He talked about his job and the future… I just ‘oh, ok…’ my usual boring reaction. Then he asked ‘sayang?’ I blurt an honest answer… ‘don’t know…’ how I wish I have different answer. But I’m really scared about the future. I don’t even dare to dream about tomorrow. There are so many thing under the pine tree and such. 

Then, we talked about the wedding and the house over dinner. I love having him around. Love when he was all excited about the future. It make me realised that he is the one for me. The future was written and whatever happen, he would always be there… for me. 

I’ll have my white room soon. I knew exactly what I should get him to buy for me… a shoe rack display cupboard for my heels.

Wedding preparation 1.1

I’m getting married. It is partly confirmed.

More people getting involved, excited and worried about the wedding. I don’t know why. LOL!

Me? There are so many things under the sun, under the carpet and under the pine tree stuck in my head.

Inside, I know that there is no certainty about tomorrow. Not expecting bad thing but I’ve seen life. The day will surely come given He permits it. 

Of all the madness, I realised one thing which will make sense of anything would or would not happen. Buy as many heels as I can. I mean a lot. Without Mr.Darcy know about it. 

Cause when the sun setting on the very Day, at least I have lots of heels to talk about and if destiny is on my side, Mr.Darcy could have the pleasure of casting the number of heels that I have.

Monday, September 24, 2012

freaking nervous

Lots of people getting involved… loads of comment, advice, reminder and such… getting lots of ‘how is the preparation?’ which I’m so hesitate to answer… 

Me? I’m just a girl who afraid of growing up and getting married. Period.

Freaking afraid and freaking nervous and freaking sweat every single time people ask ‘how is ……….’ And keep wishing Mr.Darcy don’t start asking ‘when we are going to ……………’

Still wishing. Houston. 

p/s; don’t worry Mr.Darcy, I love you enough not to run anywhere but to you.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Have you ever listen to a song and ‘damn! This is about me…’  

I can't find a reason to be loved
I never wanna leave you
But I can't make you bleed if I'm alone 
And I believe that it's easier for you to let me go 
You put your arm around me 

And I’m home…