Thursday, November 29, 2012

about i love u.

Once in a blue moon, I feel the need of telling him how much I love him. Most of the time, I just took my phone and text him. It just that the once in a blue moon is not really a once in a blue moon, more like every day is a blue moon day. It did occur to me what was his reaction reading such. If once in blue moon, it maybe will made him smile but once in my blue moon? Bored? A frown? Seriously, I don’t need to know. That is why on some other time, I hold back myself. Keeping the feeling inside me but it sent chill to you know where. Nowadays, every time I had the urge to tell him how deep my love to him is, I say thanks to Him. For I’m thankful that He is blessing me with such a wonderful treasure.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

about feeling.

Was beaten by a girl who had long gone.  Sent a chill to the deepest part of the chest. Then, was beaten again by a girl who got engaged, married another and remarried another. It brought tears to the eyes because it hurt so much. The feeling of knowing he had spare his heart to someone else was so unbearable. I didn’t know how it would be if ever I have to face this part of his past. All I want is for him to love me and just me. Those are feeling no words could explain and justify.

wedding preparation 1.6

my view... 

 his view...  
 On heels hunting; 

Been going round and round inside the mall for a pair of heels that match the color of the handbag. He did say no to some heels for some good reason. He got some taste on heels. Just a perfect match for me. 

Once we both agreed on one that he really like, I went for a try a 4 inch which I rarely wear. It was nice and comfy. Then he asked me to capture their display cabinet. That really melts my heart. He wants me to take the photo just in case if he will make one for me. The thought alone made me want to cry. 

balcony that i miss 2.0

this; would be my daily favorite view in less than a month.. InsyaAllah.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

wedding preparation 1.5

On moving out and moving in... places in particular. 

Will be doing some packing and moving things out tomorrow. There will be boxes of books, documents, clothes, daily stuff and some kitchen thingy. 

One little issue; those boxes of shoes. There were about thirty boxes on the last count.   

Need to put it inside something that can be locked. I don’t need him or anybody else to freak out at it. 

wedding preparation 1.4

Things that will come with the marriage; football talk which will be more fun if we could talk about how handsome is Villa Baos or how Casillas could melt my heart.  

“sayang, I watched a news yesterday… actually I read some news yesterday.” News? About what? A bit curiosity in my tone made him giggled. “Chelsea manager being sacked because they lost to Juve.” That made me laughed. 

Ok, so you read EPL/UCL/and everything with 'L' news. No need to buy all those nonsense and crap newspaper. Save some money for heels milk.  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

he is

If he is a gift, 
I’m thankful. I’ll keep him. 
If he is a test, I won’t give up. Guide me. 
If he is a punishment for my sins, I bend on my knees, forgive me. 
If he is a mistake, take him back. Take my hands too.

For tomorrow;
Please light my path.
Guide my fragile soul.  Guide me through it all. 
Keep the heart if it can’t be amended. 
Let the bird sings,
Let the flower bloom,
Let the wound heels... 
I'll have whatever was given.