Monday, January 14, 2013

growing old mate...

It’s not he found me or vice versa. I’d love to tell that we found each other just in time. Else, we would have missed each other.

Married? I prefer to take myself as a girl with a ring.

rebel W

I respond differently depending to whom I’m dealing with. When with my boss, most of the time I would only smile. Everything would be ok when my dad asked me anything. With people I don’t fancy much for so many reasons, I won’t tell much. And with Mr.Darcy; I don’t think much. Back then it felt alright but now that I’m-in-the-midst-of-becoming-a-dutiful-obedient-wife, I’ll bit my tongue when it was too late.

I guess a rebel girl like yours truly would make a quite rebellious wife. I need to hold my breathe every time I want to say no in the future. Need to do it more diplomatically.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

morning ritual

we have a morning ritual since before, discussing world issue that matter the most to him at least; football. soccernet.espn would be my regular from now onwards.

football over breakfast, I could nail it.