Monday, April 29, 2013

Red meat; not a forte

I don’t eat ‘em, can’t stand the smell and I could tell even if it was accidentally mix into a dishes but the husband want to eat ‘em. 

I never planning to cook ‘em and let alone never I learn how to. 

So, we went to buy some. I choose one that is boneless and fat-less because it will make my life easier. Just chops and it will ready to be cooked. 

Back at home; I’m freaking out and almost crying. The meat was so big (1000 g or maybe 500g of it) and it smell like lembu. I couldn’t even dare to touch it. All these while, I cooked with logic. Read several recipes online or called my mum on how to then I’m all gear up. But this I have no freaking idea just how it should be cut, how to make sure it was tender enough and all. Refused to call my mum because no matter how she explains, I’m pretty sure I’ll lose. So I did what I have to do, turn that piece of meat that remind me so much of that big fella into a dish. The husband said it was ok.  Already been cooking it few times and still, I fail the cutting techniques.   

Few days ago, I called my mum and talked to my brother. He was laughing when I told my mum about my meat story. Then said to me ‘takpe kak, nanti adik ajar akak masak daging ye.” Such a brother!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Almost four months with a new daily routine as of being a wifey-career lady (just a daily 9-6 working girl)-student. Its new experience, I’m practically adjusting to it cause sometimes it’s surreal especially the first one. I’m glad that I’ve made that decision or should I said I’m glad that I’m not running to Houston or anywhere else.

But, today or these last few days it been exhausted. And I’ve been having lots of peep talk with myself.

It maybe the workloads (I’m kind of stressful right now), the chores that I’ve to do when my body and especially mind already drained during the day or the study or anything else under the sun.

Erm, the husband? He is doing great especially the tummy part. LOL!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

"No can dosville babydoll"

Back then, when I was still wondering about tomorrow, life is pretty simple. I have no direct responsible except to moi. There are times when I went home so late and straight to bed. Woke up after few hours to freshen up and continue to bed. Such are the best thing to do during certain time of the month.

Now, I’m still wondering about tomorrow, LOL! The joke is on me… I really miss those go back home and straight to bed thingy. But there is the husband and the kitchen/laundry/vacuum cleaner and such. Either it is responsibility or things expected to be done, those go back home and straight to bed thingy are forever "No can dosville babydoll"

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

the long forgotten loves

I love rearranging things when I’m not in the mood. The other day, I decided to rearrange the storage room. Mainly because I couldn’t find miss my favourite heels. Then it starts again;

“Oh, I never wear this one…”
“Oh, I never knew I have you”
‘Oh, what happened to you?”
“Oh, where we meet again?”
Luckily the husband was busy with his things.

I’m a happy girl again!