Thursday, October 03, 2013


I always want to look beautiful, smell nicely and wearing my best dress whenever I’m home with the husband. I felt like I have to and it was what I dreamt off before actually married to him.

Back then, it sounded doable. 


I’m practically flat when we reach home during weekdays thanks to the travelling. I don’t mind cooking for dinner every night it just that the 30 minutes kitchen time take a whole lots of energy when you already used up almost every bit of it.

I hate it if I smell like fried onion while having dinner with the husband. It makes looking beautiful not doable at all which is a bit damning to my emotion. 

The husband did not really mind it even if I smell like fried onion or anything that I wear because of the obvious; he is from Mars.  

But I do, sometimes look at my best and smell nicely for him. Because I want him to keep fall in love with me. It did the last time it sure does anytime.